YouTube – Virginia Military Institute Inaugural Parade / An Open Reply

Dear Mike,

I do fully not share in the delight of seeing VMI in this parade without the colors of the South. I had the opportunity to be in a SCV Camp meeting of the Garland Rhodes Camp where Colonel Keith E. Gibson, the Director of Museum Operations was present and gave the keynote speech for the Camp’s Lee/Jackson celebration event. I read the letter that I sent to then President-Elect Obama about having a Confederate Honor Guard in the Inauguration Parade. No word was mentioned about VMI’s upcoming presence in that parade. With General Lee and his family, as well as his horse Traveler, buried just across the lawn of VMI at Washington & Lee College, the colors of the Southern soldier should have been present. I am afraid that there is an un-spoken shame or fear from far too many in high places to make a stand when the right opportunity avails itself. An impressive performance for me would have been for VMI to ask that the Colors of the Southern soldier be carried, just as I asked of this man who now occupies the White House and sends a message of his love for Lincoln, a message that is not Southern. Reconcilement should be the message of the day for Mr. Obama if he contends to go down the path of Lincoln, and part of that reconcilement should warrant this nation and the world seeing that the South has been factored in his equation of inclusion.

Virginia, a place that the Honorable General Robert E. Lee gave up his soul in defense of, as well as our Southern nation, now lies in a cesspool of shame: The statue of Lincoln and his son sit permanently on the grounds of the historic Tredegar Ironworks where the cannon that fired on the revenue collecting Fort Sumter was made, while the agents (Directors of The Museum of the Confederacy) who are responsible for putting it there proclaiming it was an act of reconcilement, knowing full well it was put there to continue the efforts to break the spirit of Southern people.

In this same aforementioned Camp meeting, the Honorable Gary Casteel, the Historical Artist who was Commissioned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans to design and build an appropriate testimonial monument to be housed on the grounds of Tredegar, that of our Southern President, the Honorable Jefferson Davis. Incorporated in the monument of President Davis was the bust of the young African slave boy Jim Limber, who President Davis and his wife saved from taking a severe beating, and brought him into their home and raised him as their son. Too much reconcilement for those (Directors of the Museum of the Confederacy) whose design is to break our Southern spirit with their false claims of procurement of history. Jim Limber alongside President Davis reveals another part of our Southern history that does not resonate with the history that is always meant to divide Southern Black folks from their White Southern family. Perhaps in all likelihood, had the South been victorious in the War Between the States with its brother, Jim Limber would have become the first true African American President.

In the great Commonwealth of Virginia, where the Legislature worked tirelessly up until the very days of the War of Northern Aggression to come up with a plan that would bring real emancipation to the African slave, a plan that would provide him with a means to sustain himself and his family; education, property, and a Christian morality; the name of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee would be removed from the Boy Scout Council.

In the Capitol of the Confederacy (Richmond) where a company (Dupont) makes billions off the backs of the ancestors of the Southern soldier and even have on their grounds graves where his earthly remains lie, seven men would lose their life savings making an honorable stand in remembrance of these soldiers. And the list goes on!

Just maybe I may be coming too something, but I believe that all 1000 strong members of the VMI band, the staff, administration, and members of their community should have made a greater stand than sneaking in a few verses of Dixie.

Your Brother,

HK Edgerton


From: L. M. Scruggs

Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:08 PM

Whoops, Here it is Impressive performance by VMI. Did I hear a little Dixie in that Shenandoah medley.?

Thanks to my old Air Force buddy, Floyd Roberts who sent me this.