Virginia Museum of Fine Arts helps get more Confederate Flags raised

Sunday – August 24, 2014

Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

Who could have guessed, the unfair, one sided discriminatory actions by the stiff neck liberals in the leadership of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, a VIRGINIA INSTITUTION, much supported by taxpayer money, your money and mine, has inspired many contributors to give money and support to construct and two large flag poles,with large vibrant beautiful Confederate battle flags along the main Interstate I-95 highway crossing Virginia, another near the Battle of Savages Station East of Richmond, Va. as well as to have inspired other groups and individuals to construct and raise Confederate Battle Flags. The actions at the Museum have created a large and growing movement and awakening to resist the continuing attempts to erase the history of the Southern people and the Confederate States of America and it’s noble resistance to the Invaders from the North who came down to kill and maim the Southern people, including the civilian people of the South.

Today I can report that more than 20 flagpole and flags have been erected across several states, along major highways as a result of the actions of the VMFA and other left wing liberal groups who want to erase our history. Money and support is coming in, more private flag poles that I have no idea on the number, but many people have stated they are now flying the Confederate battle flag on their homes and other places as a result of what the VMFA and others who have disgraced our flags heritage, so you removed two flags, we  collectively have installed hundreds, perhaps thousands to replace them and the number is growing.

While I and many thousands more ASK, URGE, AND YES, DEMAND,  that the Museum leadership return the (2) small Confederate battle flags to the front of the Confederate Chapel, a chapel built by citizen contributions not tax money, a CONFEDERATE PLACE OF WORSHIP, for the Old Confederate Soldiers who once lived on that site where the Museum and chapel are today. The wrongful actions against Virginia veterans and citizens is shameful, and should be noted and objected to by all citizens of Virginia and any citizens of other states and countries who visit to this area, and they should in protest avoid going to the museum until such time as those (2) Confederate Battle flags are re-installed.

So in the meantime, I do ask all of the readers to contribute money to the Virginia Flaggers and other Pro-Southern Flaggers as this effort is growing across many states, where people are sick of the Liberals who lie and distort the real facts about the Confederate soldier, my ancestors and yours. We must create more monuments, flagpoles and flags are the best and most immediate method to show honor and respect to our ancestors, and thanks to the Virginia Flaggers and all others who assist and support this effort with your time and your dollars, but please continue with the support.

Folks, this is still AMERICA, put down your cell phone, your texting, tweeting, facebook and similar nonsense should not stop you from being an informed citizen. The average American citizen today, especially those from 16-35 years of age, know next to nothing about this nation.  I am talking about today’s current events, our budget deficit, the current corrupt liar in the White House, or What happened at Yorktown in 1781, Why is Williamsburg, Va. significant in American history, who fought at the battle of the Bulge, what is meant by D-DAY, WHO DID WHAT ON Dec.. 7, 1941, what is significant about the U.S.S Arizona, who lived at Mount Vernon, or Stratford Hall, what are the 3 branches of our U.S. Government, who is the Vice president of the United States of America, how many U.S. Senators are there, how many U.S. states are there, what is the capitol of Nebraska.


This ignorance in history is the simple part, nearly none are competent in math and science, could change a flat tire on their car, or know what temperature water freezes at when not under a vacuum.

But, they know all about political correctness, or they think, and have been brainwashed that the so called CIVIL WAR, was all about slavery, which is a lie.           Oh yes, there was a war, but not a Civil War, it was a War To Stop States From Seceding From The Union, or better described by the great Richmond, Virginia writer and historian, The War To Stop Southern Independence. So many liberal towns, cities, states, school administrators and teachers are guilty of perpetuating the lie that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism, a a flag for slavery as such, when it only existed from 1861 thru 1865 as a military function and symbol of the Confederate States Army. What about our American flag, ” Old Glory ” it flew for 84 years in America before the war, and guess what, slavery was legal under this flag, are we taking down all the American flags because of this, I SAY NO, it was a different time and you cannot or should not use your 2014 mind and eyes to condemn it, I am not for slavery, and it would have ended on it’s own as the steam engine came along and replaced labor in the fields, but today’s super sensitive moron citizens think they are superior to everyone when they get a long stem wine glass and walk through the Museum and denounce the Confederate flag as something evil and they do not know enough to pass a 10 question test on the war.

Yes, the PO Liberals at the VMFA will pay for their one sided unfair attitudes and practices, where the talk about inclusion, diversity, rights, ideas, freedom of expression and all the other bullshit they spew out of their lying mouths and illegally

force the removal of two existing Confederate battle  flags from a chapel, THE CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL CHAPEL, a state historic building, that was standing on the grounds of the Old Confederate Soldiers home long before the VMFA was even a dream. To come along in 2010 and to remove these flags, was wrong, and you who read this, if you are honorable and people who have character, you should agree that this act was wrong and you should speak out by calling the VMFA, writing e mails, asking your friends to avoid the place until they correct this wrong.

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