VMFA Flaggers and the Bicycle Freak

Sunday – June 8, 2014
Posted by " Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History "

For a couple of years now,  along the sidewalks of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on the Boulevard in Richmond, Va., a group of wonderful people have patiently, with amazing self control and respect for others, walked along and displayed various Confederate flags. The purpose of the protest is to bring public attention to the discriminatory, and unfair actions, where the Museum forced the removal of the Confederate Battle flags from the front of the Confederate Chapel on Grove Ave. This chapel is on the same grounds that the Museum sits on, which was previously the grounds of the Confederate old Soldiers home. A place where veteran Confederate soldiers, lived, ate, slept, received visitors, worshiped and later in most cases died. The chapel is said to have conducted more than a thousand funerals, and other services, and is still there in tact today, minus the Confederate Flags. WHY, WHY HAVE THE FLAGS BEEN REMOVED.

Well, as Obama’s Susan Rice stated, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served honorably and distinguished, as as member of the U.S. ARMY in Afghanistan, notwithstanding that his own platoon leader and other members of his immediate group state that he cowardly deserted after being there for only (3) months. Obama as he has done all along, violated the very law that HE HIMSELF SIGNED, that law required that he notify congress and explain the circumstance before any Gitmo Inmates could be released PERIOD. However he went ahead and violated the law and gave away (5) extremely dangerous terrorists, in exchange for this likely traitor. But we are in 2014, the millenniums have now hatched, and they know very little about truthfulness, honor, respect or obeyance of the law or anything else. This is without doubt the dumbest most ill prepared generation America has ever seen. They want to do as they damn well please, and just like in Obama’s case, their will be consequences for their actions. Obama continues with scandal after scandal to weaken our rule of law, this removes all respect for him and his administration, and for Liberals, Marxists and left wing democrats across the board. I mention these national events because locally it is much the same. In regards to the VMFA, they disregard the Confederate history of the Chapel, and disregard the fact that it is a state and National Historical building, and ordered via lease agreement that the Confederate Flags would not be allowed, using a cock-a-mania excuse much like Susan Rises earlier lies about the attack on the U.S.Consulate in Benghazi Libya, that it was because of a video, which we all know was a LIE.

So, in addition to forcing the removal of the flags, a young man, likely a propped up flunkey from one of the Richmond area gay rights groups, or other haters of Southern Heritage groups, people who only wish to respect and honor their Confederate ancestors. This misguided individual pops up on his three wheeled bicycle, along with his boom box that is pumping out filthy racial epithets including many uses of the F BOMB, and all sorts of vulgar offensive language from various rap songs that are fitting to a Bronx drug house filled with dirty infected needles, and drug induced addicts and others, but he should not be permitted by the Richmond Police or the Museum Police to blast openly on the sidewalks, where men, older and younger women and SMALL CHILDREN walk by and are covered in this garbage.  He antagonizes the flaggers by coming up within 5 feet of them and pretty much staying close to them as he counter protests, and he really is a moron. I say that because the young man knows zit about history, factual history that is, of the War to Stop Southern Independence (Civil War the uninformed refer to it as).

I agree and do state, he has every right to his opinion, he has every right to walk the sidewalk and display his counter signs or whatever, WHAT HE DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO DO, IS TO GO OUT OF HIS WAY TO GO DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE FLAGGERS, TO GET CLOSE TO THEM, TO INTERFERE WITH THEM AND TURN ON HIS LOUD MUSIC, THIS IS PROVOKING CONFRONTATIONAL ACT, AND I SUSPECT THAT IS HIS PRIMARY REASON FOR HIS ACTIONS, HE WANTS TO PROVOKE A PHYSICAL RESPONSE,  He is an agitator, sent there to cause trouble, as agitators have been used in all similar civil actions, to stir things up, and to cause trouble. Some of the flaggers believe his actions and the actions of his sometimes co-Morons, are very helpful in raising the attention of the public and adding stress to the Museum. This could be true.  I am sure they (VMFA) do not want a scene out in front of their facility, even though it is being fueled by their actions. This young man says his name is Goad, which is a obviously made up fictitious name. I suspect that sooner or later his actual name and the name of the group or those who send him out to do their chump work, will be made known, maby someone should offer one of his friends more candy than the dark side is giving them.

Hopefully, intelligent, reasonable people in the leadership of The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts will resolve this, they could do it in 5 minutes, and all of these unprofitable protests, could be history, let us hope for that.

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