Mr. John Doe
State Legislature
100 Main Street
Anywhere, USA 00000-0000

Dear Sir,

We recently visited your state having been on vacation. Accompanying us were two other couples. We all enjoy touring the countryside rather than spending our time in any one place. It allows us to see more and acquaint ourselves with the people and their culture.

We do this as often as we can as some of us are retired and other’s aren’t, so we try to be as accommodating to one another as best as possible.

We particularly enjoy visiting the South. We find the Southern States to be rich in heritage and tradition. These days, those qualities are becoming more difficult to find, especially here in the North as America as we knew it seems to be disappearing before our very eyes.

However, the last two trips we made, and having read some of the local newspaper articles, we fear the same thing may be occurring in the ‘land of cotton’ that has plagued the North for some time. Essentially, a ‘distilling’ process of America made possible by the conjecture and speculation of the news-media attempting to influence the political electorate. This has become the criteria up here in the North and it has, frankly, created a polarization unlike anything we have ever known before. It is commonly known or referred to these days as being ‘politically correct’. That phrase and the mentality that drives it, has done more damage to our country than any enemy ever had and has created a catharsis of irrational behavior that has spread like a prairie fire within the media, suggesting that anything relating to American history requires interpretation, revision and change.

We read in your paper’s that same ‘language’, driven by the same ‘mentality, that exists in our paper’s up North. It is a language of the miss-informed and the miss-guided. The articles we read suggest that we Northerner’s can or will be offended if we see ANYTHING that relates to the former Confederacy. Be it her symbols or the Confederate Battle Flag.

I can’t begin to stress the importance of such poppycock and gross inaccuracy! It is our sincere hope and wish that you will not allow yourself to be influenced by such miss-guided conjecture that has ‘influenced’ many of the electorate up here. Many of whom I may add that find themselves now looking for employment after the recent elections.

We come and visit the South primarily because of your heritage and because of its symbols and characteristics. Further, we expect to see them as this is part of our American landscape as it is yours. It is also part of our collective history. We constantly read about the Civil War being exclusively fought over slavery.

I can assure you that engagement, by any standard of reasonable intelligence, would suggest at the very least, the war was fought because of far greater measures than the single issue of slavery. We may have been on different sides, but slavery is not what brought us ‘head to head’ and that point MUST never be forgotten or allowed to be sacrificed to those who espouse ‘political-correctness’.

As visitor’s to your state, I would ask you that you do not fall prey into believing that we are offended by anything Southern, much less Confederate.

To do so, would not only insult our intelligence and dissuade us from returning, but it is an affront to the people of your own state as well.

Please do not use us in the North as some type of an escape goat to fulfill the whimsy of some media mavens into extending falsehoods that should not exist to begin with. We have seen entirely too much of that in the North and frankly, if it weren’t for the serious implications it has had among the miss-informed, it would be downright amateurish.

You should be proud of your state, its history and its people as we are equally proud of who we are. However, we respect the Confederacy and the institution it served and the men and women who fought for it. Many paid a very dear & heavy price for their belief’s and to attempt to sweep ANY part of it ‘under the rug’, would be a dis-service to ALL men and women of this country…not only those we cherish and remember, but also to our men and women who serve us now in the armed forces.

That is why we come to visit. Your people have not forgotten and, much to the contrary of what the media overall would have any of us believe, neither have we. We know our history and no matter which side you were on, that conflict lies deep in the hearts of us all and we will not be cheated from it.

We sincerely hope that you serve your people in a capacity better than those who have ‘served’ us.


Mr. & Mrs. Craig Maus
Glendale, New York