Friday, August 09, 2013

Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans Opposes proposed merger of the Museum of the Confederacy

The Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans stand in staunch opposition to the proposed merger of the Museum of the Confederacy, The Virginia Historical Society and the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar. The name Museum of the Confederacy should stay in perpetuity.

The Museum was formed by the Confederate Memorial Literary Society to collect and receive all books and other literary productions pertaining to the late War Between the States, and of those engaged therein; all works of art or science, all battle-flags, relics and emblems of that struggle. This was done to preserve the name and use for documenting this phase of history for future generations.

To change the name or to attempt to change the presentation of any of these artifacts is in direct violation of this Memorial to that most defining struggle. Changing demographics and ideas must not be allowed to attempt to revise true history. Furthermore, let it be known that we request a National flag of the Confederate States of America to be flown on each building that serves as Memorial to this time period in Confederate history.

We ask that should this merger continue that everyone contact these Museums and Officials at every level to tell of your displeasure. No matter what walk of life a person is from, history should not be erased or modified. We need to protect our history for our children and their children.

Sons of Confederate Veterans, VA Division

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