From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2011
Subject: [FlagFight] Virginia Flaggers! [2 Attachments]
To: Georgia Division <>

Tonite in Richmond, the newly formed Virginia Flaggers held thier 2nd Flagging in less than a week. I have been working closely with Susan Frise Hathaway (check her out on Facebook) for months with planning and encouragement, who has the drive and desire to follow in our Flagging footsteps, and the dividends are paying off.
Saturday the Flagging was for the defense of the Pelham Chapel – Confederate War Memorial. They have had thier Battleflags removed.
This evening was to oppose Hollywood movie director Steven Spielberg, who is in town to film his upcoming lincoln movie, and was invited to the Governor’s Mansion and met all of Virginia’s dignitaries. Of special note was the Museum of the Confederacy’s President, friend of Ed Sebasta, Ed Ayers and James McPherson, and supporter of Obama – Waite Rawls. He got some, Former Gov Doug Wilder got some, lots of folks were given some.
Enjoy the pix