From: James King –
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010

[FlagFight] Violations Of Constitutional Freedoms And Rights

Posted below for educational purposes and comment is my latest guest commentary to be printed in the Albany Herald newspaper (Albany Georgia).
James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia

Every since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 the federal government has continued to usurp power that is unconstitutional at the expense of states’ rights’ and personal freedoms supposedly guaranteed by the bill of rights (first 10 amendments to the U.S. constitution). His statement "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people" was simply poetry from the lips of a lawyer and a dishonest statement. Lincoln forced greater government control on Americans both North and South and committed gross violations of the U.S. constitution and bill of rights. After the war ended in 1865 Illinois governor Yates stated that Lincoln had done far more to militate against the Jeffersonian (Thomas Jefferson) ideal that the least possible government is the best government than any prior president. It was the Confederate soldier that was fighting for limited constitutional government and "government of, for, and by the people". The election of socialist president Barack Obama in November 2008 has exposed Americans to a new and increased threat level to constitutional freedoms and rights–international gun control by the UN.

In late September, several dozen UN representatives met at the University of Massachusetts in Boston to further discuss their plans for global gun control. While our President may have a history of being absent for important dignitaries who visit our country, etc. — he was sure to have his administration represented at this meeting. The final report for the Boston Symposium on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is posted online and states that: "In the end, we seek to achieve an ATT that will establish the highest possible common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms, including small arms and light weapons, in order to contribute effectively towards peace and stability. This Symposium has brought us one step closer to achieving that goal."
So, they are one step closer to their goal. What are their goals for our firearms? Apart from using generic phrases like "highest possible common international standards" (aka, gun controls), the gun banners are very
careful not to publicly post specific anti-gun proposals that would excite the American public against them. But pro-firearms individuals who have attended these UN meetings, spell out what the proposed ATT will really entail. Writing together with another noted firearms author of the Independence Institute, Dave Kopel, they say that an Arms Trade Treaty would impose: 1. Microstamping on firearms, thus increasing the cost of each gun by about $200; 2.Registration of all firearms, which is often a prelude to gun confiscation; 3. Restrictions on gun sales, especially private transfers (thus, no more gun shows as we know them); 4. Embargoes on firearms and materials (such as nickel and tungsten) that would limit access to many of the firearms which are sold in this

You might think: "I don’t care what the UN imposes on us, I will never comply with their gun controls." Oh really? So, you’ll never buy a new gun from a gun dealer? Because if you do — and that gun has been manufactured according to UN treaty standards — then the microstamping technology on that gun will cost you a couple hundred dollars extra. Not only that, the signature impressions that the firing pin leaves on your spent cartridge cases will be registered with the government under your name. No problem, you say, you’re not a criminal — so who cares if the signature from your firing pin is registered with the government.  Well, do you ever take your guns to a shooting range and leave your spent brass? According to Kopel, criminals could easily implicate
innocent gun owners by going to gun ranges, collecting the empty casings and dumping them at crime scenes. Moreover, the common practice of selling or giving away once-fired brass for reloading could disappear overnight.  Do you still think that a UN treaty won’t affect you? The "master minds" at the UN plan to register every firearms sale that passes through a gun dealer and to cut off (make illegal) any private sale that you might
attempt as a means of circumventing their controls. The end goal of the UN is that no private citizen in the world is to be allowed to own a firearm–only the police and military who are under their control. American participation in a UN socialist "new world order" would destroy the remaining and ever dwindling constitutional freedoms that many Americans, especially conservative Southerners, value and strive to preserve.