Thursday, November 06, 2008

Big Heritage Victory in Trimble, Tennessee


For those who haven’t heard the details of the victory in Trimble, Tennessee, we’re pleased to provide them for you.

For six months now SCV members in Trimble, Dyer County and nearby camps have been going through the due process of getting approval for a 80 foot flagpole at the Parks Ridge Confederate Memorial.

Their application met some resistance from a very small cadre of protesters who managed to create delay and debate in the process.

Even so, The Board of Commissioners approved the application. It then had to go to the Board of Zoning Appeals for an exception in the zone. With overwhelming support from members and citizens throughout the area, the flagpole was approved.

Billy J. Foster, Brigade Commander of the SCV expressed thanks on behalf of all the compatriots involved in day to day battle. Included in the involvement is the support provided by the national SCV.

At national headquarters we are pleased with both the arduous campaign and the tenacity of those involved in this great victory. We shall now be looking forward to the completion of a beautiful 80 foot flagpole at Parks Ridge Cemetery Ridge Memorial Plaza.

Deo Vindice

Chuck McMichael

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