Chalk up another victory, this one in Alabama.

The resignation of Lee Warner of the Alabama Historical Commission was achieved thanks to the dogged determination of rebel forces in Alabama. They attended every meeting of the AHC for the last three and one half years, and their effort has paid off. Once again proving the value of small unit operations conducted by the dedicated.

Southerners have shown a tremendous staying power over the last 150 years, and to win, they must have that same spirit. As the numerous recent victories have shown, the spirit is still very much alive.

To win this war there must be as much determination on our side to win as the enemy has to retain its power and at the same time defeat us. They have all the big bucks pouring in from Washington, New York and Hollywood, the Bermuda Triangle of the continental U.S., where freedom disappears. On the other hand, we have hard working, dedicated grassroots organizers, but we need even more.

Every one of us has an obligation to do whatever we can to help the cause of liberty before it is lost forever.