Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006

Muscle Shoals, AL

Cease fire boys!

The Muscle Shoals parade committee has run up the white flag and asked for terms! The Col. William A. Johnson Camp #898 WILL be in the Muscle Shoals Christmas parade this Friday with a complete Color Guard and our banners and flying! I can’t tell you how great it feels to win such a stunning and complete victory over the forces of ignorance and political correctness! Let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our brethren who took the time to make a phone call, write a letter or send an email concerning this slap at our heritage. According to our Commander and 1st Lt. Commander who were present at the parade committee hearing, the parade committee were almost stumbling over each other to be the first to apologize for the "misunderstanding" regarding our entry in the parade. They backed completely away from their original position in which they stated that we could have no flags, no Color Guard, and no banners containing the SCV logo. The only way to put it is that we won a complete and total victory! I would like to invite everyone that can to come on up to Muscle Shoals and celebrate with us as our Color Guard marches past carrying the proud flags of our Fathers! Once more, thanks so much for everyone who helped. It was YOU that made this victory!

I am,
Yours in The Cause,

Greg Gifford
Col. William A. Johnson
Camp # 898
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Tuscumbia, Alabama.