Homestead VFW Post refusal to include SCV in Veterans Day Parade
From: CWO Jim R. Armitage, U.S. Army (retired) and Past Camp Commander of Magruder-Ewell Camp 99,SCV, and member of Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556 SCV.
To: The officers of the Homestead Post of the VFW.
Greetings Comrades and Brother veterans, allow me to first introduce myself. I am a retired U.S. Army officer who served on active duty for over 20 years. I am a Life member of VFW Post 4321 in Tampa, FL. I have served the post as Chaplain and post service officer, have received recruiting awards from the District Commander and an VFW veterans employment award from the VFW Department of Florida. I can not believe the leadership in Homestead would deny and insult an organization comprised of descendants of the brave soldiers who defended our Southland from an invading army three times the size of the Confederacy. I suppose they have watched too many made in Hollywood movies depicting us in a negative manner, remember that movies are made for entertainment and not regarded for correct historical content. The Department of Veterans Affairs in 1959 gave full recognition to our Confederate veterans in 1959. Today the D.V.A. provides government grave markers for the final resting places of these gallant soldiers. Reconstruction is over! We were and always were AMERICANS! Political correctness has destroyed our country and the values that made our country great. Three weeks ago I attended a beautiful ceremony of dedicating 18 African American Confederate veterans grave markers in Pulaski, TN. The hundreds in the crowd at this ceremony contained dozens of descendants of these Black Confederate veterans. Hugs, tears and handshake were extended by the African Americans in the crowd with our SCV members who were wearing their reproduction Confederate Army uniforms, the news media was there on that day, and they said they never knew about Black CSA soldiers, even there are three new books on the subject and can be ordered online today. Just because radicals, have used our flag in the present time for their disgusting causes, it does not diminish the honor of our beloved Confederate Battle flag. I would like to share with you the story of one of my family lines to show a continual love of and service to America. My 5th Great Grandfather-Pvt. Edmund Spivey served in the North Carolina Militia during the American Revolution, as did his brothers. Edmund’s grandson Corp. John D. Spivey served in Co. E.,26th Georgia Infantry Regt. Gordons  Brigade, Confederate States Army, as did all four of his brothers. John’s grandsons Corp. Zean E. Spivey 32nd Infantry Reg U.S. Army (WWI) captured a German machine gun nest, was wounded and gassed at the Battle of the Argonne Forest in 1918, he was reported missing in action and later found in a British Army field hospital recovering, he drew an $11. a month pension from the V.A., his brother PFC John J. Spivey was with the Q.M. Corps and was wounded at the Battle of Bella Wood in 1918. my Great Uncle Zean Spivey had three sons who served in the Army during the Korean War, one son M/SGT. Verlyn Spivey U.S. Army (ret.) earned the Bronze star and Purple Heart in Korea, and went on to serve 28 years in the Army. John D. Spivey’s great grandson was my mother’s brother, who was a U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer who died with 29 years active duty, he served 26 months in combat in the Pacific on the USS Cumberland Sound and again he served in Korea and Viet Nam. I am John D. Spivey’s great grandson and I have already detailed my 20 plus years of military service. The 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg was held in July 2-4, 1913 , the old veterans of the Blue and Gray shook hands, hugged each other and cried at the reunion and "THEY" expressed love and admiration for each other.
By denying the SCV to participate you have personally insulted me and millions of Confederate veterans across America. During WWII the grandson of Col. George S. Patton CSA, was Gen. George S. Patton, Col. Nathan B. Forrest III,U.S. Army Air Corps was killed in action in the Pacific, his father was Lt. Gen Nathan B. Forrest CSA, S/SGT Robert E. Lee ,III U.S. Army served in the WWII South Pacific, the most decorated soldier in WWII was 1st Lt. Audie Leon Murphy, the grandson of a CSA soldier, the list is endless. The VFW owes an apology to the SCV and must stop this hatred and bigotry toward your fellow countrymen.
CWO Jim R. Army, U.S. Army (retired)
Proud SCV member and Life member of the VFW