Vet at VA Hospital has Confederate Flag confiscated
I am, at this time, requesting each of you to pick up your phone and call your federal senators and rep at the house. An elderly quadriplegic veteran of the Korean War had his 5 inch confederate battle flag taken from him by the V.A. Police because two employees were offended by the flag. He had the flag because it reminded him of his grandfather ( veteran of the Tenn. Brigade Army of the Tenn.) who he had grown up with. Under title 38 USC Confederates are U.S. Veterans. It is further requested that you all send Mr. Thrasher a card and a Confederate idem or flag. I Hope you all will be as outraged by this political correct bull…. as I am and request of our representatives in Washington Remove the Director from the facility and remove the two offended employees from ever working in health care. We owe so much to our veterans, yet the very people paid to care for them attack a helpless old man, what can you say but -cowards! If you wish to act on my request but can’t find confederate items to send try: or if you wish both of the store would be willing to mail an idem directly to Mr. Thrasher—Perry A. Thrasher  111-2  spinal cord unit 1-west  c/o V A Medical Center    1030 Jefferson Ave.  Memphis,Tn.38104     Dan Boren; 202-225-2701, Tom Colburn; 202-224-5754, Jim Inhofe; 202-224-4721 While this is not a normal Tea Party issue, I believe it is an issue that each of you just can’t abide. 
Bill Brocker,  county coordinator
PS if you wish to support Mr. Thrasher beyond what is requested,  Pass this on to everyone you know  this isn’t a political issue it is an American issue.