Hospital Makes Veteran Take Down His Confederate Flag
If you seek an offensive flag, look no farther than the thirteen-stripe United States flag.
Under that flag, hundreds of thousands of Africans were transported to slavery in the New World in the 1700s and 1800s. (No Confederate-flagged ship ever made a slaving-run.)
Under that flag, an Army Order (General Order No. 11) was issued 17 December 1862 forcibly removing all Jewish people from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. (No Confederate authority ever practiced anti-Semitism.)
Under that flag, thousands of men, women, and children were systematically hunted down and killed, and other thousands forcibly removed from their homelands and relocated to less-hospitable environs in the 1800s for the shocking offense of being Native Americans/Indians. (No such actions ever occurred under a Confederate flag.)
Under that flag, thousands of American citizens were placed in concentration camps in the 1940s for the heinous crime of being of Japanese ancestry. (No concentration camps were ever built or operated under Confederate authority.)
Moreover, that flag is the favored flag of the Ku Kluxers — anti-blacks, anti-Semitics, and anti-Catholics. See for pictures.
So: The thirteen-stripe United States flag has been used against blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Japanese, and Catholics.
I wonder when will someone call for its removal?
Clifton Palmer McLendon