Confederate States Of America – A Very Big What If Story

Posted on February 4, 2014
by Dan Wickline   

Sekwana Comics has launched an ambitious new project called the Confederate States Of America. The seven-part graphic novel series by French author Duvall and illustrator Philip Renne is a look at what would happen if the South had won the Civil War.

The first volume of the series, Southern Cross was released on December 16, 2013 and had the following trailer produced:

    What if General Robert E. Lee won the battle for Gettysburg? What if the Confederacy won the war and seceded from the Union? What if slavery wasn’t inevitable in the South?

    CSA Confederate States of America, from Sekwana Comics, is a seven-volume historical fiction series created by French author Dorvall and illustrated by Philip Renne. Offering an outsider’s view of the Civil War and post-war period, this alternative history follows both the Confederacy after gaining its independence and the Union after suffering defeat. The series reveals all of the internal and external challenges this new nation will face. Readers discover how the South stands up to new threats, New York becomes a symbol of resistance, and the Confederacy has to question itself to survive.

    VOLUME  ONE of CSA Confederate States of America: Southern Cross: Annuit Coeptis begins on the third day of combat, at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania (July 1863). For the past two days, General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army could not capitalize on any of their offensives. Despite criticism from some of his junior officers, the old general is standing his ground and ready to engage the better established and optimized position of General Meade’s troops. While Lee is insisting on a frontal attack, his right-hand man, Lieutenant General James Longstreet believes it’s an act of suicide. Longstreet instead favors a strategy of outflanking the opposition but Lee does not seem willing to alter his plans.

    And yet, on the third day, against all expectations, General Lee chooses to follow Longstreet’s recommendations. This sudden about-face will change the course of the war. In just a few months the Union is undone, and the Confederates are recognized by the United States as a sovereign nation. The Confederacy’s victory casts a new light on the entire North American continent.

    In this context, three men and a woman bravely take hold of their destiny. These four people, who are neither heroes nor superhuman, will earn both admiration and hatred from readers as this saga progresses. The power of these characters to evoke such strong emotion lies in the fact that they are so relatable, so much like the rest of us.

More on the series and its upcoming chapters can be see at the Sekwana Comics website. Sekwana Comics is an independent publishing house based in Greenville, South Carolina.

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