Vandalism Continues at Elmwood Cemetery


We have been sickened by the latest theft and vandalism at Elmwood Cemetery. We have attempted help stop this by addressing our city leaders on this issue and making various police reports. Sadly, our city leaders talk a good game but do nothing. The same has been for the police department no follow up nor has arrest been made.

The Confederate section is apart of history that has met with theft and vandalism again.

Sadly, we found new vandalism in Pinewood Cemetery in two locations. It sickness us find these headstones broken on purpose. This type of criminal activity is horrible an outrage to the families and citizens of Charlotte .

The vandalism has consisted of statues on burial plots broken, some beheaded, various headstones broken, and some bashed into pieces. Even monuments have had pieces chipped, which have lead to further cracking. Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery has been the victim of vandalism for too long.

Again, we are concerned regarding the lack of responsibility we have encountered. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has not followed up on reports filed. A police officer only has contacted us once and left a message. We have tried to contact him back, several times and have not heard from him. There have not been any arrests in regards to the vandalism. The aloof behavior is why people do not take the time to become more involved. This has not been an uncommon behavior by police or city officials.

Have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Mark A. Palmer
Historic Preservation of Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery

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