Vandalism of monuments

It bothers me when I see others vandalize monuments, memorials, statues and headstones when they do not agree with what they stand for, or what the vandals think they symbolize.

Some person, group or taxpayer paid money to have them made, erected and maintained. With this said, I hope they catch and punish those who vandalized Lincoln’s Monument in Washington D.C., even though most of my ancestors fought for the Confederacy.

I’m no fan of Lincoln as he trashed the U.S. Constitution to keep the South in the Union by force. However, with the unwarranted desecration of his monument this opens up the discussion that no monument should be vandalized because of an individuals belief about that person real or imagined.

Southern heritage / genealogy organizations have had these problems for decades over trying to keep and maintain Confederate monuments, memorials, statues and gravestones. We do not desecrate those of others and wish they would give ours the same respect and consideration.

At present, there are two such incidences taking place in the South today. The Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest monument in Selma Alabama and the equestrian one of him in Memphis Tennessee. In America there should be room for everyone’s heroes.

Besides, a person or persons who would commit this type of desecration is on the same lowest level as that of a grave robber trying to remove any evidence of another persons existence.

Billy E. Price