Virginia State Flag Sesquicentennial


As proclaimed by York County Virginia

Whereas, on July 5th, 1776, Virginia officially adopted it’s Great Seal – and the motto – "Sic Semper Tyrannis" by Constitutional Convention.  The original design was the work of a committee composed of George Mason, George Wythe, Richard Henry Lee and Robert Carter Nicholas; and

Whereas, April 30th, 1861, the Virginia Convention passed ordinance No. 33 — An ORDINANCE to establish a Flag for this Commonwealth Be it ordained by the convention of the commonwealth of Virginia, that the flag of this commonwealth shall hereafter be made of bunting, which shall be a deep blue field with a circle of white in the centre, upon which shall be painted or embroidered, to show on both sides alike, the coat of arms of the state, as described by the convention of seventeen hundred and seventy-six, for one side of the seal of state, to wit:
"Virtus, the genius of the commonwealth, dressed like an Amazon, resting on a spear with one hand, and holding a sword in other, and treading on tyranny, represented by a man prostrate, a crown fallen from his head, a
broken chain in his left hand and a scourge in his right. In the exergon the word Virginia over the head of Virtus, and underneath the words "Sic Semper Tyrannis." This flag shall be known and respected as the flag of Virginia; and

Whereas, The motto "Sic Semper Tyrannis” means "Thus Always to Tyrants."  This quote is attributed to Brutus during the assassination of Julius Ceasar in Rome; and

Whereas, Cassye Bonner Gravely penned the state flag salute that was officially adopted on March 15th, 1954 which reads “I salute the flag of Virginia, with reverence and patriotic devotion to the "Mother of States and Statesmen" which it represents – the "Old Dominion," where liberty and independence were born”; and

Whereas, April 30th, 2011, marks the sesquicentennial of the adoption of the Virginia State Flag