Va Flaggers VMFA Update

VA FLAGGERS – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Flagging update and Call to Action!
Saturday, February 2nd marked the beginning of the 70th week of Flagging at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It turned out to be quite a day. There were 20 flaggers representing 4 SCV camps, several UDC Chapters, and several not affiliated with any Heritage organization, all standing to honor American Confederate veterans and the liberty they sacrificed to achieve. An officer from the Robert E. Lee Camp joined us and commented that he hopes to encourage his camp to become more involved in this important Southern Heritage issue.
The day was a bright, chilly 37 degrees.
The first thing we noticed was heavy VMFA security and Richmond Police presence, with the Grove Ave and Chapel entrances barricaded, remaining this way for the remainder of the day.
Alex N. and Steven B. were flagged often, as we encountered them several times. Nathan Cox as well other Libertarian Party members came and went during the day. Nathan was advised about trespassing as he stepped off the sidewalk and onto the grounds of Robert E. Lee Confederate Memorial Park.
Visitor traffic was enormous all day and there were many conversations. We handed the new flyers that were delivered by a generous individual whose commitment and contributions make it all possible. The signs were helpful initiating inquires about our presence on the sidewalks. The traffic was as heavy as I have ever seen, excluding the marathons. Street parking was difficult to find and sometimes there were 15 cars waiting to park in the deck.
Most interactions were positive and people were surprised to learn that we have been on the Boulevard for 70 weeks.
Wednesday evening, February 6th was a quiet afternoon in comparison. There were five Flaggers and we stayed at the main entrance and some walked around to the Chapel several times. There was an occasional corner jumper that was approached with a flyer and kind comment. One of the Flaggers had a very interesting conversation with an older lady who made the comment that she did not realize there were people (CBF activist honoring the CSA) like him left any longer.
More photos here:
70 weeks of flagging AT LEAST twice a week…that’s AT LEAST 140 days that Confederate flags have been present on the Boulevard of Richmond, OVER 600 Flagging hours with over 275 folks joining us over those weeks. Thousands of people have seen the flags…hundreds of people have been taught the truth about our flags and the men who fought and died under them… hundreds of hearts and minds have been changed… and we have kept our word to VMFA officials that we WILL NOT GO AWAY UNTIL THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAGS ARE RETURNED TO THE CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL CHAPEL.
CALL TO ACTION: Our next flagging will be THIS SATURDAY, February 9th, 12-4. Join us and stand for the honor and memory of the Confederate soldier and the flags he fought and died under!
CONTACT THE VMFA: Call Stephen Bonadies at (804)340-5530 or email and tell him to honor Confederate Veterans and return the Confederate Battle Flags to the Confederate War Memorial.