Va Flaggers:  Waynesville, NC Update
I had a conversation Tuesday with Amie Owens of Haywood County, Deputy Clerk. We spoke for about 10 minutes on the events of Monday night. What is now happening is that the city attorney is drawing up legislation to address the situation begun by Lawyer Bob Clark. (Remember Lexington!) She stated he would be looking in other places for help, but the places she mentioned would not be places that would provide any info on Confederate veterans. (Remember Lexington!)
Here is her contact info:
Amie Owens, Executive Assistant/Deputy Clerk
She said to please send her any important or pertinent info that he should know. So, all info on things like the 1950s acts of congress making CSA vets same status as USA vets and all such info should be sent to her to forward to him as soon as possible. 
Billy Bearden
Va Flaggers