Virginia Flaggers Update 6-21-12

The first weeks of June have been VERY busy for the Va Flaggers, with many exciting events on the Boulevard and around Richmond!
Thursday, May 31st was an incredibly beautiful day in the Capital of the Confederacy, and the Va Flaggers were thrilled to have the Sons of Confederate Veterans, National Commander-In-Chief, Michael Givens, join us as we forwarded the Colors. We had 18 Flaggers on the Boulevard, and all were honored to have the Commander’s support and to see him on the front lines with us.
"Albert Einstein said,The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. You have the power to make a difference and effect a change for the better. I will not look on and do nothing and like The Raging Bull, I’m never going down! Are you with me? Let’s Roll!" – Michael Givens Scv
Thank you, Commander, for putting deed behind word and standing with us!
On June 2nd, 2012, the Va Flaggers attended the Jefferson Davis Memorial Service at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.
We gave away over 200 stick battle flags, with information about the Va Flaggers, and a request that the recipients plant the flag at a Confederate grave before leaving the cemetery.
The Jefferson Davis Committee presented me with a lovely Virginia Division SCV Sesquicentennial Commemorative medal, and TriPp Lewis received recognition for his diligent work at the cemetery. We counted over 50 Flaggers in attendance!
SCV CIC Michael Givens received a warm welcome and delivered an outstanding keynote address on Robert E Lee.
Kudos to Everette Ellis and the Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee for an outstanding job organizing and promoting the event. It was reported that attendance and wreath presentations were at an all-time high. It is truly a  great time to be a Confederate in Richmond, Virginia!
More info on the J. Davis Memorial Committee here:
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Following the memorial service, the Va Flaggers gathered on the Boulevard for a mass Flagging of the VMFA.  We counted 43 Flaggers, one of our largest turnout to date!  First time Flaggers were joined by veterans and Confederate flags stretched from the Confederate War Memorial/Pelham Chapel, around the corner to the Boulevard and as far down as the sidewalk in front of the UDC building.  We were ESPECIALLY honored to be joined, ONCE AGAIN, by SCV CIC Michael Givens, as well as VA DIV SCV Commander Michael Pullen, and  VA DIV SCV 2nd Lt. Commander, Ken Parsons!
Flagger Jimmy Creech fired up the grill and served up hot dogs with all the fixins for the Flaggers.  There were many good conversations on the sidewalk and literature distributed to describing the desecration of the Confederate War Memorial/Pelham Chapel by the VMFA in the forced removal of Confederate flags from the portico.  The Va Flaggers presented Commander Givens with a print of the Chapel, as a token of our appreciation for his support.
On this day, we had not only the usual VMFA guards keeping an eye on us, but the UDC had hired guards for their property, as well.  We enjoyed excellent conversation with them, as they struggled to understand why they were there.  One of our flaggers, who flew in from France for the occasion expressed a desire to attend the Massing of the Flags.  We asked one of the guards to inquire if the gentleman could attend if he left his flag on the sidewalk.  The guards came back with a report from UDC officials that anyone associated with the Va Flaggers was prohibited from setting foot on the UDC property, for any reason, with or without a flag. One gentleman, who was not associated with the Va Flaggers, entered the UDC building with one of our stick flags, apparently received at the ceremony, and came back out a few minutes and asked us to hold it.  He told us that he was informed that it was not allowed inside.
While puzzling to many of the first time Flaggers, the news did not put a damper on what was an AMAZING day for the Va Flaggers!  Words cannot express how thankful we are for the outpouring of support by so many who made the day possible, including Bill and Jackie Dennison, who traveled from Bristol for the Jeff Davis service, and then came out to forward the colors after the ceremony, and whose generous contribution to the Va Flaggers made the gifts of stick flags possible.  The flags made a beautiful sight at Hollywood Cemetery, during the ceremony, and decorating Confederate graves afterwards.  Bob Harrison, from near Appomattox, made the trip down, as well, and these were just a few of those who came from near and far to advance the colors!
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Since then, flaggings have continued, twice a week, throughout the month of June.  Thursday, June 7th we had 10 Flaggers out, Saturday June 9th saw 11 on the Boulevard.
Wednesday, June 13th.  Another beautiful day!  Flagger Jimmy Creech’s mobile Flagging cart/chuckwagon apparently finally got to VMFA officials, as they called Richmond City officials, who came out and told us the grill was in violation of city code as it was "encroaching" on public property.  Not missing a beat, Jimmy mounted the cart on his truck, and continued grilling!  We are in the process of checking out this "violation", but so far it appears to be bogus.  It seems that the VMFA is none too happy that we meant it when we said we were going to be there for the LONG HAUL!  Saturday, June 16th saw 14 Flaggers…great weather…and great conversations with passers by and motorists.  Strong support that day and good crowds as the Virginia Historical Society (the Confederate Memorial Institute, as was) was hosting a wine festival.
WHEW!  Thanks for hanging in there with us for this overdue, slightly lengthy,  but very exciting update.  We hope that if you have not taken the opportunity to visit with us on the Boulevard, that you will do so soon!  If you are at all interested in forwarding the colors, contact us for our upcoming schedule, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you learn the ropes…or you may just want to come out and chat with us…just to see what we are all about!  All are welcome!  All that is needed is a flag, a smile, and a Confederate heart!
We are continuing to apply pressure with our flags, but would ask each one who reads this update to take a moment and write an email to Alex Nyerges, the Director of the VMFA, and ask him to put the flags back on the Chapel.  You can reach him
Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested, and have them send a request to the email below if they would like to be added to the email update list.
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to offer our special thanks to the folks at Ruffin Flags, who sent us a package of goodies for the Flaggers that were distributed and received with much enthusiasm, and to Kenn Lightfoot, who sent us a box of POW-MIA stick flags that we will use to educate the public and to decorate graves.  We are looking forward to planting a few on our trip to Point Lookout later this month.  The Va Flaggers are very grateful for these and countless others who have provided support for our efforts to return the flags to the Confederate War Memorial/Pelham Chapel and forward the colors in Richmond… throughout Virginia…and beyond.
June 30:  Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery Pilgrimage. 
July 14:  Hanover Tomato Festival – 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  The Va Flaggers will have a booth at the festival, distributing literature and handing out free Confederate Flags to festival attendees.
July 22:  1:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon,Stonewall Confederate Cemetery (located within Mount Hebron Cemetery) in Winchester, Virginia.  Texas Division Children of the Confederacy will dedicate a 10 1/2 ft.,"150 Years of Remembrance" Memorial Monument honoring six (6) Texas Confederate soldiers. The top of the monument will feature a 12 inch stainless steel star which is being made in Austin, TX. The star will be shipped to Virginia to be placed on top of the monument which will serve as a perpetual memorial to the men who served from the Lone Star State.   The monument is the President’s Project of Miss Kassidi Woodlock, President, 2011-2012, The Texas Division Children of the Confederacy.
September 15:   9th Annual Richard "Dick" Poplar Day at 11:30 a.m.  Memorial Hill, Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia
Look for more details soon on these and many other Confederate events planned in the coming months!
More info. can also be found on our public FaceBook page, "Confederate Flaggers:  Stand, Fight, and Never Back Down".
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