Va Flaggers Update:  Chesterfield Co CH&H Day 4-6-2013

Saturday, April 6th was a busy day for the Va Flaggers.  While many of our troops were in Richmond, greeting “Civil War and Emancipation Day” visitors, another group was in Chesterfield County, lending our support to the 13th Annual Chesterfield County Confederate History & Heritage Month Program.
The Va Flaggers were invited by the organizers to attend and forward the color on Route 10 (Iron Bridge Rd.), in order to attract passers-by and encourage them to stop and attend.  Four Flaggers were in attendance and we took our position near the event banner.  Iron Bridge Rd. is a busy thoroughfare, which widens to 6 lanes near the Old Courthouse, where the event was held.  The Va Flaggers were greeted with many honks, waves and thumbs up.
The event itself was very well organized and well attended.  After a memorial service, attendees browsed through displays by local SCV camps , UDC, Chapters, and re-enactment groups.  The Chesterfield Historical Society sponsored the event, and should be specially thanked for their efforts to honor Chesterfield County’s Confederate Heritage.
The 2011 Chesterfield County Confederate History and Heritage Month Proclamation, which was decreed in perpetuity by county officials, was proudly displayed!
All in all a GREAT day in Chesterfield County and a great opportunity to educate the public about our Confederate ancestors and the flags they carried!
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers