Va Flaggers Update:  Museum of the Confederacy 4-10-13

We have received copies of quite a few letters like the one below, and reports of many, many more that were written.  Still, Mr. Rawls continue to boast that the Museum of the Confederacy is thriving and membership is growing.
Have you written your letter?  Send us a copy so we can share with others.  If not, what are you waiting for?  Isn’t 365 days without a Confederate Flag flying on the grounds of the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox long enough?
From: Beal, Dennis W.
To: ‘’
Subject: Membership in the MOC
Mr Rawls:
I am responding to your reply to my letter, and want to thank you for responding. Please excuse the e-mail response.
A few weeks ago I wrote you a letter expressing my complete and total disdain for your decision a year ago to not display the battleflag on the museum grounds. I cancelled my membership to the MOC, after many years, as a result of your decision.
In your letter to me, you lamented on your long and storied ancestral past with regards to the confederacy and you cited your life membership in the SCV as some sort of legitimization of your convictions and the policy that has resulted in you dishonoring our ancestors by condoning and leading the effort to disregard their battlefield symbol that distinguished them from the enemy. I  quite frankly found your response and justification nothing more than hyperbolas tripe.
I will support the new SCV sponsored Confederate Museum with my annual $1000 per year donation, but I will not support in any way an organization that so blatantly and callously dismisses the memory and sacrifices of our southern veterans. Mr. Rawls, your decision was and is wrong and it has cost the MOC dearly.
Your completely inappropriate and unwarranted policy to exclude this most storied symbol will also result in me, as the Chief of Staff of the 3000 men in the Texas Division SCV, using all of my lobbying power at my disposal to persuade my fellow compatriots not only in Texas but throughout the confederation to cancel their memberships and not support the MOC.   
It is regrettable that I had to make this decision especially in light of it being entirely avoidable but for a poorly thought out and careless decision by you and the MOC board of directors.
Dennis W. Beal, Col. USMC (ret)
Are YOU mad enough yet?
Boycott the Museum of the Confederacy. Cancel your membership….and tell them WHY!
-TriPp Lewis
Va Flaggers
"Onward we march! "

Saturday, April 13th:  Flagging the VMFA 12-4
Wednesday, April 17th:  Wakefield Ruritan Club, 65th Annual Shad Planking, 2:00 – 6:30 p.m., Wakefield Sportsman’s Club, 12205 Brittles Mill Rd, Wakefield, VA 23888, Tickets $25 each.  More info here…
Thursday, April 18th:  Flagging the VMFA, 3 – Dusk.
Saturday, April 27th:   Susan will be traveling to Tampa, FL to represent the Va Flaggers and speak at the ceremony to raise the "World’s Largest 3rd National Flag" by Gen. Jubal A. Early, Camp #556, SCV.
Tuesday, April 30th:  7:00 p.m. at the Bedford County/City Museum on Main Street in Bedford, VA (across Court Street from the Bedford Court House)  Barry and Susan will travel to Bedford, Virginia to speak to the BEDFORD RIFLE GRAYS #1475, Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Saturday, May 4th:  10:30 a.m. – Commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of Lt. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Lying in State at the Old House Chamber, State Capitol, Richmond, VA.  (Sponsored by Va Div, SCV)
Saturday, May 11th:  11:00 a.m. – Annual J.E.B. Stuart Memorial Service at the Yellow Tavern Monument in Glen Allen, VA, (sponsored by the Richmond-Stonewall Jackson Chapter #1705, UDC)
Saturday, May 11th:  4:00 p.m. – Confederate Medal of Honor Memorial Service, Blanford Church on the grounds of Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg. (Sponsored by Robert E. Lee Camp #1589, SCV)
Saturday, June 8th:  Annual birthday ceremony for Jefferson F. Davis, at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.  (Sponsored by the Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee)
Saturday, June 29th:  22nd 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Annual Point Lookout Pilgrimage, Confederate Memorial Park, Point Lookout, MD.


Here is the email I sent to Rawls on 4/3/13 and his response was the same script as what everyone has received. —
Dear Mr. Rawls:
I am a member of the UDC and we were former members of MOC. My husband and I keep talking about a trip to see the battlefields in Virginia, Gettysburg, the MOC at Appomattox, and to visit Richmond to see the White House of the Confederacy, UDC headquarters, Hollywood Cemetery, MOC and the monuments to our Confederate generals. However, now we will leave the state of Virginia off of our itinerary. I find it utterly disgusting that the flags of the Confederacy were removed from the chapel at VMFA and that the flags of the Confederacy do not fly at Appomattox MOC. I hope this is not correct.
My great, great-grandfather and three of his brothers served under those flags in the Army of Northern Virginia under General Lee. These boys were from Mississippi, not Virginia. My great, great-grandfather and one brother wounded were captured at Gettysburg and sent to Point Lookout Maryland POW prison; the other two brothers managed to survive with the regiment at Gettysburg to fight another day. The youngest was wounded near Petersburg and sent home to recover on furlough where he died four months later and was buried in the family cemetery in Cockrum, MS. The brothers in prison were eventually exchanged at City Point, with the wounded brother spending the remaining days of the War in a hospital in Mississippi. The oldest survived to be one of only ten remaining soldiers of Co. I, 17th MS Infantry to be surrendered by General Lee at Appomattox.
My ancestors spent most of their years of the War fighting on Virginia soil. I can only imagine if they were alive today what they would think to hear that U.S. Grant, a.k.a. the Butcher, was selected at the MOC Symposium as "Person of the Year" for 1863. I pray this is incorrect; otherwise, the world is going stark-raving mad! Who will be next year’s winner, that kind-hearted, sensitive guy who said, "There is a class of people (in the South), men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order." …… W.T. Sherman? This disease of revisionist history, presentism, and cultural genocide is spreading from Virginia throughout the South and it will quickly destroy tourism for cities and states who foolishly choose to jump on the Cultural-Marxist Train.
You dishonor the Lee brothers from Cockrum, MS, my Confederate ancestors, and you should be ashamed!!
Becky & Ken Muska
Shelby Forest, TN.
Great, great-granddaughter of John J. Lee, descendant of William E. Lee, Josiah A. Lee & Giles A. Lee.