Va Flaggers I-95 Flag Update

The Times-Dispatch asked us for a statement of how things had been going since they last spoke with us and the story of the flag raising had gained national attention.  I thought we would share the statement we issued to them:
"The response from the extensive media coverage has been overwhelmingly positive, and has ushered in a groundswell of support from across Richmond, the Commonwealth, and all corners of the United States.
We have received many messages like this one:
"Heard about your cause on the news. I may be a New York Yankee, but I support what you’re doing 100%. Hope my $25 contribution helps."
The incendiary attempts by extremists to falsely paint us as racists and instigators have backfired, and we are more committed than ever to defending the honor and good name of our Confederate ancestors and the flags they fought and died beneath. – Susan Hathaway, Va Flaggers"
Our local ABC affiliate reported the results of their online survey last night, which showed that 70% of participants believed the flag should be flown.   You can still participate in that survey through one of the links below, which will give you a taste of the media coverage thus far:
Richmond Times-Dispatch
A recording of the entire ABC interview:
Many thanks to each of you who have sent encouraging messages, called in to radio shows, jumped into blogs, volunteered your time, and pledged your support.
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers
If you would like to contribute toward flag site expenses, contributions can be mailed to:
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