Va Flaggers:  I-95 Battle Flag Dedication Details
From: info@vaflaggers.

The Dedication/Memorial is on schedule for 10:00 a.m. TOMORROW morning, Saturday, September 28th.
Directions to RVA Battle Flag Site:  PLEASE do not forward these directions via email or post online.  We want to do everything possible to ensure a solemn and peaceful memorial service, with all reverence due our Confederate dead.  We ask that you share the information by phone or in person with those who are serious about attending.
From 95: Exit 61A, Route 10 East, Right on Old Stage Rd., Right on Old Bermuda Hundred Rd., Look for Flaggers at intersection of 95 and Old Bermuda Hundred Rd, who will guide you to parking and the flag site.

From 295: Exit 15B, Route 10 West, left on Old Bermuda Hundred Rd. Look for Flaggers at intersection of 95 and Old Bermuda Hundred Rd, who will guide you to parking and the flag site.
For GPS:  use 2447 Old Bermuda Hundred Rd., Chester, VA 23836
Parking update: An enterprising neighbor told us today he will open up his 3 acres for parking, and is planning on charging $5/ car. This parking will be directly across the road from the site. The Va Flaggers will also have FREE parking available, across 95, with a walk or shuttle to the site. There is also drop-off available at the site entrance. We suggest comfortable shoes and clothing, as the flag site is in a wooded location.
Recently, the Mayor of Richmond issued the following statement when asked about the RVA Flag Site:
"I’m not looking to refight battles of the past and am not interested in symbols that divide Richmond. I’m interested in promoting symbols that unite people and would rather rally around the American flag than one that divides so many in our city. I encourage all Richmonders to do the same."
When asked for a response, we issued the following:
"In response to the statement issued by Mayor Jones, we wholeheartedly agree. We also are not looking to re-fight the battles of the past. If we were simply allowed to honor our Confederate Veterans in the manner in which we choose, there would be no "re-fighting" in Richmond, at all. Our battles are all defensive…in defense of the honor and good name of our ancestors, and against actions taken to dishonor them and desecrate their monuments and memorials.
We, too, are interested in symbols that unite, and believe that the history of ALL Richmond residents should be included in the City’s commemorations and remembrances. We also have no issue with encouraging Richmonders to "rally around the American flag", especially since the Confederate flag IS an American flag, as Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans by Act of the U.S. Congress, (
As such, the Confederate Flag, which brave Virginians carried into battle in defense of the Commonwealth, should be offered the same respect as the U.S. Flag."
Jimmy Jones, Va Flaggers