VA Flagger VMFA Flagging Report
February 9th, 2013:  Another SUPER Saturday flagging the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! There were 13 flaggers on the Boulevard, under the watchful eye of the VMFA hawk. The weather was a bright 49 degrees. A breezy day, typical for this time of year. Visitation was so heavy Rick Pleasants was directing traffic around the parking deck, and security was light at and around the Chapel. We spoke with many, many pedestrians. Most visitors were very supportive of our actions.
It is our opinion that the neighborhood residents are becoming more supportive every week. There was one very interesting person who claims he had a long conversation with the museum staff at the visitor desk, and did not get a satisfactory answer about why Confederate flags are banned from Confederate Memorial Park.
The Virginia Historical Society, which began life as the Confederate Memorial Institute, was hosting a Lincoln Film Festival, so we extended the line and Va Flaggers handed out fliers with the truth about Lincoln to visitors.
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