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Date: Tue, Mar 27, 2012

[FlagFight] Va Flagger Victory – Ru Paul Exhibit Removed from MOC-Appomattox!

Yesterday, Va Flaggers visited the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox, and were outraged to discover a highly offensive display featuring a life-sized photo of cross-dresser Ru Paul, wearing a dress with an image of the Confederate Battle Flag.  The photo that was secured and sent to other Flaggers was quickly disseminated, reaching all the way to National Sons of Confederate Veterans Leadership by late last evening, who quickly issued a public statement of condemnation, and called its members to action.  No such statement, nor request for action, was issued from the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Rawls has issued the following statement, and the offensive exhibit has been removed!

“The Museum of the Confederacy has a long tradition of tackling controversial subjects relating to the Confederacy and the American Civil War. At our new location in Appomattox, we have the most comprehensive exhibit on Confederate flags ever mounted. One of the controversies surrounding Confederate flags in popular current culture is the misuse of the flags by groups or individuals. To demonstrate that misuse, we planned on using a large image of RuPaul, a cross-dresser who wore an evening gown styled from the Confederate battle flag in a popular movie in 1995.

On Monday, March 26th, we opened the museum site to the public in a “soft open” which was intended to test the exhibits and equipment before the Grand Opening on the 31st. In the testing phase, we have made several changes to the exhibits. The RuPaul image was mounted on Sunday night, and we have decided that it would not effectively make the point that we intended. As a result, the RuPaul image was removed from the exhibit on Tuesday.”

While we certainly question the thought process that placed this vile image in the Museum of the Confederacy in the first place, and are cautious as to whether we can be assured it will not reappear at a later date, we thank Mr. Rawls for listening to the Va Flaggers, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Heritage community at large, and promptly removing it.

We now call on Mr. Rawls to listen to us again, honor our Confederate ancestors…and FLY A CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG OR 3RD NATIONAL ON THE GROUNDS OF THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY AT APPOMATTOX.

Va Flaggers