VA Flagger First Anniversary
Dear Ms. Susan L Hathaway,

It is my with gratitude and great admiration that I give the most honorable congratulations from your official start of the Va Flaggers to it’s one year anniversary! What an accomplishment! You have done something that I don’t believe I’ve read or even fathomed in recent times for the Confederate Battle Flag and it history to  new and great heights. I find this to be an incredible feat! This has been one of the most effective grass roots organizations to reach so many in such a short time that I find it nothing less than incredible! The VA Flaggers’ successes, trials, honors, and victories could not have happened without your leadership!
The many obstacles from organizations you have endured, and others that you may in the future, will never hold the VA Flaggers down! The VA Flaggers still get out there everyday to fight for the Confederate Battle Flag as well as the Official National Flag National of the Confederacy. You’ve done a very great thing in keeping the organization growing with victories, creativeness and valor. 
You have brought the VA Flaggers from a one-time protest to an organization that many states, local Camps, organizations, and so many others, from newly formed state societies, and others, to national attention. This includes individuals such as myself and I sure others here in Florida, to such heights that the Confederate Battle Flag would never have realized. I am definitely sure that plans and other efforts are in action that I can’t even begin to know.
Once again, congratulations! The VA Flaggers will most assuredly be made a part of Southern history!
With my highest regards,
SCV, Compatriot Wiley E. Koon, Jr.
SCV Battle of Olustee Camp, #1463, Lake City, Florida
and also,
Compatriot Robert B. Tucker
SCV Commander, Battle of Olustee Camp, #1463, Lake City, Florida
We both salute the VA Flaggers, thank you.