Robert E Lee

What is it with state governments?

They secede from the union, their General Assembly asks a great man to lead its army in holding off an invasion.

They build a great statue in their capitol to honor this man. They create a state holiday to honor him.

In the 1960’s his face is on the cover of state history books in the school system. They have ceremonies on the floor of the General Assembly for years and years to honor his birthday.

Seems all the Governors and the state are ashamed of him now. Not even a mention of his name on the businesses that are closed on his holiday.

It’s time we remind Virginia of the men who gave their all when they asked for it. We need to be in their face everyday, until they remember to honor the men who defended this state when they called.

The Virginia General Assembly is a disgrace to this state.

Bruce Cornett
Lee-Jackson Camp No.1
Sons Of Confederate Veterans

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