Campaign Using The Truth

From: "Ulster-Scotsman-Cherokee"

In response to racist Blacks and socialist liberals such as the NCAA, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Julian Bond violating South Carolina’s citizens rights to honor their Confederate ancestors and their flag.

Maybe there needs to be a campaign using the truth about such things as South Carolina’s thirds biggest slave owner being "WILLIAM ELLISON", a "BLACK" man and that the Ellison family were staunch supporters of the Confederate cause and that his sons volunteered to serve in the Confederate Army. And about all the other Black slave owners even in the North and the South. If the racist wantabe Black Ministers and the NAACP members from the North whose causing alot of the racist problems needs for alot of the real historic truth that’s been covered up by the so called victors after 1865. More and more truth is coming out, but very slowly. If there was a loud enough campaign about Black slave owners, Blacks who served in the Confederate Military, Blacks supporting the Confederate cause, etc. And ofcourse if more Blacks, like H. K. Edgerton, who knows that their ancestors had served in the Confederate military and proud of it and joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans,would come out.

If there is such a thing as a truthful non-politically correct socialist liberal newspaper, magazine or TV talk show, maybe one FOX News’ talk shows, maybe Bill O’R. And organizations such as the SCV, UDC, etc. should submit articles related to the real history, such as Black slave owners and Black supporters of the Confederate States as an important issue. Who knows, people and organizations such as the ACLU, CNN, NAACP, Mr.Jesse Jackson, Mr. Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, etc. hates the facts, anything that could take them out of the spot light, hurts them, they have to keep quiet, if the facts hit them in the face! The reason they’ve been winners up to now, is because organizations, etc. won’t stand up to them, such as the former Confederate Air Force after 50+ years changed the name because of a fake Northern racist Minister threatening boycots and the South Carolina governor who had the Confederate removed from the State Capital, who let the word "boycot" scare him and others to death! Now, the same racist Blacks couldn’t keep their words and now wants "no" Confederate flag on the Capital grounds. Their just like a school bully, he rules and gets what he wants until one child or the majority of the children stand up to him and say, ENOUGH! People like Jesse Jackson are the bullies and keeps wanting more and more their way, but when he and others like him are made to look like a fool’s, with historic facts that’s been buried almost 142 years, they will either back off of the Confederate flag and our Southern heritage and culture issues and/or find another money making cause somewhere else to make money and get their faces’ on TV!!

Also, as far as other issues that Jesse Jackson, ACLU, politically correct socialist liberal politicans and their puppet socialist Federal Judges and the NAACP whin about: Where are our Civil Rights? Freedom of Speech? If ten Americans of Western European descent formed a club, etc., what happens, those 10 Whites are called racist and bigots and a Federal Judge rules against the 10 Whites. But, why hasn’t a group, club or organization filed a lawsuit against all Black organizations, such as the African-American Police, Firefighters, Mayors, etc. organizations? Does anyone know of an all White Police, Firefighters, Mayors, etc. Also why is there a Black Miss America contest? Why is there a Black actors awards night taking up prime time TV? And yes, even the Black members of Congress and the Senate have have their own we back room "all Black" group. As does many State Senates, etc. A year or two ago a White politican from Knoxville, Tennessee asked to join the all Black click in the State government, the Blacks didn’t want a White man in their all Black group, he was fighting it, but with our liberal media, never heard what happened. And why are African-American and Hispanic student Clubs allowed on public school campus’, but not allowed for White students of Scottish, Ulster-Scottish, English, Welsh, German, Irish (not to be confused with Ulster-Scots of Ulster (British Northern Ireland) descent and on campus clubs for students with Native American ancestors?

And Blacks such as Danny Glover and Jesse Jackson buddies up and openly supports a South American dictator, whose threating to destroy the U.S., but nothing said about treason, but we support our Confederate ancestors we’re the bigots and racist. But, the school I went to, taught acts like Danny Gover and Jesse Jackson makes them "traitors"!!

Also, the U.S.’s hate crime laws do not seem to apply to racist Blacks and Hispanic, why?

Why are politicans in N.C. and other Southern states feel they have to apologize for something that happened over 140+ years ago, when Northerners and Blacks also owned slaves? And Black politicans in Virginia think their owed an apology for something they had nothing to do with from people who wasn’t responsible for something that happened over 140+ years ago. The racist Blacks politicans just wants to make demands and watch the White politicans jump! Did these Black politicans ask the North, Black descendants of slave owners and the African descendants of the Africans who sold Blacks into slavery? Can any of these Black politicans prove that their ancestors didn’t own slaves?? And if slavery is such a big thing with them, why won’t they use their politican status and get involved in fighting the African slave merchants, thats selling children and young women into slavery to work in the mines and as sex slaves to rich Muslims, etc.

But, I strongly feel, if enough of an out cry hits the streets about the historic facts, more public support, lawsuits filed when our Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech are violated, which covers the Confederate flag, publically honoring our Confederate ancestors and their civil and military leaders, people like Jackson, Sharpton, ACLU, NAACP, etc. would put their tails between their legs and find a new subject to whin about.

I’ve been seeing this liberal violations of rights on two family related fronts, the South (USA) and Ulster (British Northern Ireland), on both sides of the ocean, politically correct socialist liberal politicans and their puppet Judges, etc. are conducting "Heritage and Cultural Genocide" and both sides have alot in common, the Ulster-Scots of Ulster are the descendants of the fathers, mothers and siblings to saw their family members sail to American in the 1600-1700’s and Pa. and later mainly settled in the South. Don’t be ashamed of the term "Hillbilly", it’s related to the Ulster-Scot heritage here. Prior to the American Revolution, the English, started calling the Scottish who came to America by way of the Isle of Ireland (9 Counties of Ulster) "HILLBILLY’S" because these Presbyterian people who lived in the "Hills" of Southwest VA and the Carolina’s, which included the present state of Tennessee and their fathers and grandfathers had fought for "KING Billy"………William of Orange, later King of England who ruled with his wife Queen Mary, the Protestant niece of the Roman Catholic King James of England, who King Billy (William) defeated at the Battle of the Boyne. And later on in U.S. history, William and Mary County, VA, William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA, etc. were named for King William and his wife, Queen Mary. King Billy’s battle standard was red and white strips late to appear on the U.S. flag.

For God, The South and Ulster,

Capt. L. McR. Hawkins, Ret.,BSM, PHM, FSA SCOT

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