USA recognized the existence of the govt of the Confederate States
As most of you know, there was a mass exodus to Brazil after the War Between The States.
Many do not know the history of "Os Confederados" or that an SCV camp is now established in Brazil.
Here is an excerpt from "The Lost Colony of the Confederacy" by Eugene C. Harter, ISBN 1-5844-102-1
…"One of the Confederate, now Brazilian, natives told them (American Geographical Society 1918) that he had recently returned to the United States, where he had gone to establish his American citizenship

[probably to keep him from being conscripted in the Brazilian Army]. Alas, the US government refused US citizenship to the man, probably because his parents and grandparents were technically still foreigners, Confederates, not United States citizens…" (Chapter 4, page 80, America City, Brazil).
Gary Price
Capt John Low Camp, #2161, SCV
Scarborough, England