CSA flag stands for hate? So does the USA flag

From: boatokr@hotmail.com
To: vanharl@aol.com

I’m sure that my Confederate veteran grandpa, who was Cherokee and Choctaw, could say the same about the U.S. flag, since his grandparents were sent on a death-march under it to Indian Territory. I’m equally certain, though, that he would defend someone else’s right to fly it.

Last month I stood with other Confederate reenactors at Gettysburg, and at Sharpsburg in June, to protest the KKK’s mis-use of Confederate flags and symbols. Again, I’m mixed-race. One of the other reenactors was black. My hsuband, who is white, is still the 6th-great-grandson of a German woman who was sold into slavery in Charleston. We’re not all of us racist, and some of us hate racists as much as you do.

Stop painting everybody with the same brush. There are many kinds of ignorance, sir, and you displayed another with your editorial.

Reverend Helaina Hinson
Benson, NC

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