Update on Harrison AR Confederate Flag Ban
From: acft7819@yahoo.com
Sir, here is a repsonse I gave to a Harrison Chamber of Commerce member who sent a reply to a friend of mine concerning the Chambers ban on our flag.  Below my reply is the original letter that provoked my response.

Good evening,
I read a reply you gave to a friend of mine concerning the Chamber banning the the sale and display of the confederate flag by ANY vendor during the Crawdad Day Festivals.  I will respond to what you have said and I include what you wrote below my response.
I find it very interesting you are concerned with the defense of the confederate flag considering who specifically was targeted to not participate in the Crawdad Days Festival.  You said below "I have a long interest in this subject and was interviewed for a PBS special that aired last year.  I defended the role of the Confederate flag as a symbol of our history, not as a symbol of hate." and "will support the mission and stance of the organization while developing relationships with those interested in preserving the history and legacy of our area."
Now this is fascinating to me.  The Chamber not only banned Dixie Outfitters but harassed the owner of the store when he set up on private property!  Dixie Outfitters is out in the front defending the truth of the South and the truth of our heritage!  Yet this is the one store that was specifically banned and harassed!   How is that developing relationships with those interested in preserving the history and legacy of our area when that is the primary goal of Dixie Outfitters?
You see, we are smarter than that.  There is only one thing that can be done to rectify this situation and you know full well what that is.  We are still organized and ready to act at next year’s event.  We are simply waiting for the response of the Chamber, that is the only reason it has been quiet on the front as of now.  I assure you.  We are not going to be fooled by any false words of assurance. 

Jason Rice