Update From Washington and Lee University

April 30, 2014

The group of students known as “The Committee” which recently published a list of demands regarding the place of Confederate flags and Confederate heritage generally on campus has met with school administrators. While I shared some thoughts about the scope of their demands I believe these students have every right to express their concerns about the state of their school.

Now word comes that Confederate heritage groups are planning their own protest on campus on September 1, which is both the deadline that students set for the administration to take action as well as the anniversary of the city of Lexington’s decision to ban Confederate flags from city poles. One can easily anticipate that the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Virginia Flaggers will make their way to campus.

This is going to be a real whoot to watch because it is so easy to imagine how this is going to play out. The fastest way to rally the entire W&L student body behind “The Committee” will be if Tripp Lewis, Brandon Dorsey, Karen Cooper, Susan Hathaway and the rest of the traveling circus that is the Flaggers and SCV shows up on campus. Perhaps they will bring along some of their Southern Nationalist friends.

One thing is for sure, they will do more to bring down the flags from Lee Chapel than these students could ever do.

Oh, I do hope they bring their video recorders.

By "channeling Brooks Simpson," I mean the style and snark, not necessarily the content, cuz over at his Crossroads flog, Simpson sez:

Virginia Flaggers Offer Robert E. Lee Half-Hearted Support
Posted on April 29, 2014   

You knew it would be only a matter of time before the Virginia Flaggers would express themselves on the recent kerfuffle about how Washington & Lee University handles issues of Confederate heritage in the wake of a protest by several law students about the presence of Confederate symbols on campus.

And so they have … it’s another fabulous “Call to Action!”

Surely the Flaggers will mount up and go to Lexington and flag the Lee Chapel to make their opinions known, right? After all, the Lee Chapel’s not the VMFA, so Susan Hathaway can make the trip … and speaking of trips, Tripp Lewis can model his new shades in the spring weather.

What’s that, you say? All they want people to do is to send e-mails and letters? THAT’S ALL?

So much for restoring the honor.

This, frankly, is a disgrace. If Susan can travel across the South spreading the word, she can go to Lexington. If Tripp can get arrested in Richmond, he can get arrested in Lexington. If the Flaggers can gather in a trailer park to celebrate the erection of a flag pole that will soon be obscured by spring foliage, they can go to Lexington. But they won’t.

Robert E. Lee deserves better. Really. What a shame.

Looks like they forgot to coordinate before postin’.

There are a few things that deserve comments or replies, either stuff written by Levin and/or Simpson, or a floggerette.

Levin —  I believe these students have every right to express their concerns about the state of their school.

THEIR school? What have they done for W&L to make it theirs? What have they done that even comes close to being a remote puff, a far-distant whiff of what Robert E. Lee did for the school that BEARS HIS HAME?  THEIR school wouldn’t EXIST but for the man they’re attempting to besmirch, and attempting to coerce the University and others to accommodate and enable the besmirching, and join with it.

Pat Young — Interesting how many of the messages sent to the members of The Committee suggested that these students leave if they were not happy with the contemporary commemorations of Lee on campus.

Makes sense to me. If you don’t like it, go some place else.

Kevin Levin —  The presence of the Flaggers and the SCV on campus will provide the most obvious reason to get rid of every last reminder of the Confederacy on campus.

Well, he sez it’s obvious, but he doesn’t say what the reason is, so it’s not that obvious at all, is it? I mean, if he can’t even identify it. That’s because there IS no reason, just his demented way of looking at things, and of course, he’s not going to actually POST that.
Rob Baker — Agreed. They will only hurt their own “cause” in the process.

Big talk, but notice neither he nor Levin explain or identify HOW their cause will be hurt.

Kevin Levin — Their response will be to put up an even larger flag along a Virginia highway. 🙂
And it just kills ya, don’t it, Levin? Those big flags by the highway really stick in your craw, don’t they? In all flogger craws… No matter how much you try to hide it with denigration and minimizing, it really, really sticks in your craw.

Al Mackey — I see one of their respondents wants a form letter he can copy and paste as if it were his own. How typical–not bright enough to write his own letter and dishonest enough to take credit for another’s work.

One? One? Well, Al, at least they’re not going about it the left-liberal way — filling buses full of people (who don’t have to work) to show up to "protest" and paying them with cell phones and cigarettes. Besides, you don’t know why the person is asking for a form letter, so your denigration tells us a lot more about you than it does about him.

Rob Baker — They need to leave well enough alone. The University is handling this appropriately.

Spoken like a true authoritarian citizen of the former USA.

Meanwhile, Roanoke.com reports:

W&L spokesman Brian Eckert said the university has received comments from around the country.

“Because we want to hold civil discussions within the university community, we’re not tallying them, but we are listening to everyone concerned enough to contact the university,” he said.

This smells. What has one got to do with the other? What has tallying the comments, pro or con, got to do with holding discussions within the university community? Does counting the comments somehow prevent holding discussions within the university community? How does that work, exactly? By what mechanism?

Nah, my guess is that the University officials are indeed tallying responses "from around the country" and they are solidly in favor of the University not caving to these ridiculous "demands." They’re just not reporting the numbers.

As one commenter at Roanoke.com said, ‘Very interesting that they are "not tallying them"…the input, that is. I think we all can guess what that means. 🙂


If this disgusting effort by these PC warriors and whoever is behind them manages to be successful in disgracing Lee, nothing Confederate is safe anymore, anywhere. (I even wonder if this is some kind of "test case.") The war against our heritage will escalate and intensify to a mindless frenzy. But if it is nixed, don’t imagine for a moment that the war to erase Confederate heritage from the South is over, and those warring against it will finally shut up and move on… they will not. Their hatred will keep them in the fight.  Count on it. 

And despite Levin’s wishful thinking, the reports of the demise of Confederate heritage are greatly exaggerated. We are defending, and mounting a counter-offensive. Count on it.