An Unsolicited Review
Chuck (all others too),
Brother Chuck, I had originally intended to just make this a personal mail to you.  However, on second thought, I decided to ask you to share this mail with the SHNV list.
Chuck knowin’ your love of music as I do, I would be so lax as a musician, if I was not to pass along the followin’.
Over the weekend we got a copy of our Nawth Georgia brother Bobby Mountain’s brand new cd. "Holding On".  Needless to say we have played the grooves off it all weekend long.
It has been near 10 years since Bobby has turned a project loose to the world, and though it’s been hard on those of us who have been craving something new, the wait was worth it.
Now, this ain’t new “let’s be pretty and shake our backsides trashville country”, this is what country music was always suppose to be.
The cd is filled with songs that run the full gauntlet of emotion.  If ya need a good laugh, there are songs that will provide it, if ya need to reach down and re-find your family and friends, there are songs that will do it.  If ya need a song to express the mess our country is in, well there’s one of them for ya too, and if ya just wanna jump in the old truck and take the scenic route there are several to accompany y’all on that journey.
All in all Bobby’s new cd has something for everyone, especially if you have a heart and a soul and love the South.
This is a man who has long ago paid his dues in the music world and in the heritage defense world as well.
Check it out at or at the record label site itself
If my opinion is worth anything at all (and I hope that it is) this is a cd worth owning because it pays tribute to a legendary sound that built the South, long before the Los Angeles and Japanese  suits took over  American music.
May God Bless and keep the South, and may he also bless those like Bobby who refuse to toe under to the slicksters and tricksters of the music world.
With warmest regards to all here.
T Warren