Unreconstructed Business Directory
From: johnyreb43@yahoo.com
Yesterday I wrote an article about two very pro South – Confederate – business people.  One is in entertainment, Jed Marum.  The other is Rex Miller, owner of the CROSSROADS COUNTRY STORY in Harrisonburg, Va.
This morning I thought, there is a need to create, publish and distribute a Confederate Business Directory.
I am interested in possibly creating this directory.  To be included in the directory, the business would have to be both Christian and Pro Southern in its point of view.  But, there may be some who think Judeo -Christian.  Others who might think the owners must be Unreconstructed.
I am interested in the thoughts of the members of Southern Heritage News and Views.
I am also interested in nominations to the directory.  If you make a nomination, please give the name of the owner, the name of the business, phone, email, and what services, products they provide.
I hope we can create a valuable tool for those looking for Pro Southern business people and products.
God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl