University Of Mississippi / An Open Letter

From: HK Edgerton

[] Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008
To: ‘’

Dear Bradley,

First of all let me say that I enjoyed fellowshipping with my Mississippi family at the table of brotherhood at the Amerigas facility and the Tomato Festival was off the hook. I only hope that Commander Webb and the Sons will invite me again.

The University of Mississippi has decided to take the low road of political correctness like so many institutions in America that have climbed into bed with those who not only hate all things Southern, but are afraid that if truths are ever discovered by our now searching young minds who have at their disposals an electronic network ; not only will bills have to be paid for the war crimes, but the planned modus operandi that was set up with the public school system after the War Between the States to inculcate into the minds of our national populous measures to divide and separate black and white Southern folks will crumble down upon them. People have to understand that the Confederate flag is the symbol of a people who believed in a Constitutional Republic and in adhering to the laws set upon them by the founding fathers in that document and were willing to separate themselves from their brothers and fight a war against incredible odds for those principles.

The victory did not come for the North when the Honorable General Robert E. Lee signed that so called treaty at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865. It came when Southern Blacks and Southern Whites began to see themselves as enemies because of all the devices that this man from the region of the north did to make it seem so. Bottom line truth is that in lieu of the economic institution of slavery that was rammed down the throats of an honorable Christian people, they did all that any people can do against a government that rules them to make life bearable for those who were enslaved. So much so that a love was born between a man that was not only called Master, but also family and friend. Hollywood won’t tell the stories of that Southern Black man who went off to war with his White family , or about those who stayed home and made the implements of war, provided the food stuffs for the beleaguered Southern army, and help protect the home place from an invading army hell bent on all out war against a defenseless civilian population, or the place of honor and dignity that they all earned .

This new period of Reconstruction is not new, it is the same as the old. Pit the African’s against their old Masters with lies and distortions, parade out the poverty pimps and just keep saying slavery. These new Blacks will believe anything you tell them , they are too stupid to search out the real truths about the complicity of the whole world in the economic institution of slavery and the causes of the war. They have no concept of what being a traitor is because they take no ownership in being Southern.

I would love to come to Mississippi and walk with the Colonel, or take my place outside the stadium donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier with the Southern Cross in my hand. God bless you, and may God see to the vindication of and bless Dixie.

Your Brother,

HK Edgerton