Union Convention in Florida
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The Founders never envisioned the federal agent waging war upon the States, nor conquering armies from other States forming new governments as they advanced. These conquering armies would have the inhabitants swear loyalty not to the Founders Constitution, but to a new entity called the “United States,” a nationalist consolidation of the former sovereign States. This revolution was prompted by several States seeking political independence outside the old Union, thus “forfeiting their sovereignty” and justifying invasion.
Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

Union Convention in Florida:
“The loyal people of Florida, to the number of several hundred voters, met a few days since pursuant to a call for that purpose, in convention at Jacksonville, and nominated delegates to the Baltimore Convention. C.L. ROBINSON, Esq., of Jacksonville, was chosen President, and J.C. SNOWBALL as Secretary.
Delegates were chosen from all parts of the State.
John H. Price, I.N. Rutland, Judge Latta, C.L. Robinson and D.R. Dunham were chosen as a committee to prepare a memorial to the President.
J.W. Price, Judge Latta, I.N. Rutland, Charles Stagar and Wm. S. Dalk were appointed a Committee on Resolutions. They reported a series, of which the following were part:
Whereas, A call has been signed by the National Union Committee for the assembling of a National Union Convention at Baltimore on the 7th day of June next for the purpose of putting in nomination candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States; and,
Whereas, An area of country in extent exceeding any of the New-England States is now within the military lines of the forces of the United States, and within which reside and have taken the oath of allegiance to the United States, more than the number required by the Proclamation of the President for the formation of a State Government; and,
Whereas, It is our purpose to at once take steps for the reestablishment of a State Government, under which we can again enjoy the happiness and prosperity so long denied us; therefore,
Resolved, That we, as loyal citizens of the State of Florida, are entitled to a voice in the councils of the nation of which we are a part; and that if it is hold that our State has forfeited its sovereignty as one of the States of the Union, that we, as citizens of the United States, are none the less entitled to a voice in the National Convention.
Resolved, That we are unswerving in our loyalty to the United States, subject to no condition, and unchangeable in our determination; and that, come weal or come woe, our attachment to and confidence in the Government shall remain unalterable.
Resolved, That we most earnestly solicit the protection of the Government of the United States, in reestablishing our State Government and authority not only over the territory within the Federal lines, but throughout the whole State.
A resolution was also adopted indorsing Mr. LINCOLN for re-nomination.
The following gentlemen were appointed a Union Executive Committee of the State of Florida, with full power to take all necessary action and measures to organize a State Government, for the said State of Florida:
John W. Price. Isaac N. Rutland, Jr., J.M. Latta C.L. Robinson. D.R. Dunham.
Spirited speeches were made by various members of the convention, and at its close, three rousing cheers were given for the Union.”
(The New York Times, June 4, 1864)