From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Fri, Apr 3, 2009

The Webster-Merriam Dictionary defines the word finish as: "To come to the end of a course or undertaking".
There are those organizations that I have had to post my Confederate Colors, and want to post as a reminder that their acts are tantamount to Southern social and cultural genocide, and in fact in far too many instances is not represented of the true feelings of Southerners, especially those of us who are the sons and daughters of the African slave and arguably Black Freedmen of the Antebellum, and are being used as unwitting and undeserved pawns to further the aforementioned actions designed to also break the spirit of the Southern populous and leave the memory of their ancestors in disgrace; when, in fact, they earned a place of honor and dignity alongside their Southern White family.
And, I have a feeling of complete dissatisfaction because the job has been left undone as these purveyors of injustice have ruled the day, and continue on with a feeling of accomplishment. Thereby, it is my intent to again post the Southern Cross in the very near future at the doors of my top 25.
The Top 25 List:
(1) DuPont Company  –  Richmond, Virginia
(2) Hayes High School  –  Hayes County, Texas
(3) Supreme Court Building  –  Austin, Texas
(4) Maryville High School  –  Maryville, Tennessee
(5) Blount County High School  –  Blount County, Tennessee
(6) Boy Scout Council  –  Richmond, Virginia
(7) Salem High School  –  Conyers, Georgia
(8) American Legion Post #22  –  Knoxville, Tennessee
(9) Latta High School  –  Latta, South Carolina
(10) John Hopkins University  –  Baltimore, Maryland
(11) NASCAR  –  Atlanta, Georgia and Bristol, Tennessee
(12) East Tennessee State University  –  Johnson City, Tennessee
(13) Travelers Rest High School  –  Travelers Rest, South Carolina
(14) Taylorsville School Board  –  Taylorsville, North Carolina
(15) City of Stone Mountain, Georgia
(16) Confederate Rest (Episcopal Church Grounds)  –  Marion, Alabama
(17) Tredegor Iron Works  –  Richmond, Virginia
(18) City of Crockett, Texas
(19) Robert E. Lee High School  –  Midland, Texas
(20) Fontainebleau High School  –  Mandeville, Louisiana
(21) Compass Intervention (United Health Services)  –  Memphis, Tennessee
(22) Confederate Rest (Episcopal Church Grounds)  –  Marion, Alabama
(23) NAACP Regional Offices  –  Atlanta, Georgia
(24) Veterans Administration  –  Washington, D.C.
(25) State of Florida