Unfair column
Columnist Frank Wooten disparages past remembrances of Charleston’s Civil War experience as the acts of "sore losers," yet it is he who has apparently lost any sense of tact, compassion or historical accuracy.
Yes, Charleston was a decided loser in the 1860s, suffering for generations thereafter from a ruthless military invasion that included a starving blockade, indiscriminate civilian bombardment, and punitive post-war occupation.
Charlestonians of all backgrounds died for lack of medicines and nutrition, the city orphan house had to be evacuated due to federal shelling, and invading Union troops burned and looted houses and abused defenseless people.
Memorials are also held in remembrance of losing sides in the Stono Rebellion and the Seminole Wars, where initial action involved killing women and children, but I don’t recall Mr. Wooten criticizing them.
It is a historic fact that people offered their lives in defense of this city during the War Between the States, and that service should not be diminished or obscured by denigrating presumptions as to the motives behind memorial observances.
Marsh Court Lane
Mount Pleasant
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