People of Color – Under Confederate Battle Flag Colors

The Heritage War Never Ends Here in the South – But Not in the Way You Think
  … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … and the Virginia Flaggers

A Black Confederate family is presented a ceremonial flag in honor of their CSA/American veteran ancestor. None has ever been refused. Mass media never covers these events. Now you know why.

Historical symbols of the South continue to be removed by the scourge of political correctness.  Buildings donated to various entities with promises to preserve them, those promises have been broken when they were wanted for expansion.

The newer scam is where they redecorate, and when done items like the Confederate memorial flags are gone. They have done this in Virgina, even from the Confederate Memorial Chapel.

That’s right. Despite Confederate Veterans are officially American veterans by Act of Congress, this still goes on as twisted form of monument vandalism and grave desecration.  I have all the Congressional Acts history in this April, 2001, article…Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans by Act of Congress.

What kills the PC crowd even more is to see ‘multi-color’ protestors outside, doing what we call ‘flagging’. They have been imprinted with the KKK, lynching, and racism. Everything else about the South, none of that matters. This is all just part of the dumbing down of America, and it has gone way beyond the schools.

The main line veterans org have done little or nothing to support Confederate veterans despite all the military bases named after them and hordes of America’s war heroes having come from the South. The people, and these groups, have not yet figured out that they have shown themselves to be counterfeits really. And of course they would never admit it.

When I talk to them about why they do it, do nothing really, they will admit they are intimidated by getting trashed by the Civil Rights bullies.

Mind you these are military people admitting that the threat of their being called names is enough to have them leave American veterans being smeared in public, in front of young people, teaching them that his is politically correct behavior. It is a pitiful situation.

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