A question or two they will never answer

From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
To: Jack Kuenzie jkuenzie@wistv.com

Re: http://www.wistv.com/Global/story.asp?S=5940190

Mr. Kuenzie

<<<"The state NAACP sponsors the annual march to the State House and rally”>>>

Your report did not happen to mention what the word "sponsors" means? Does it mean that the NAACP paid for bus transportation for the 2500 demonstrators? Does it mean that they put them up in hotels? Does it mean that the NAACP fed them at cost to that organization?

I for one would LOVE to know – you reporters seem to skip over these types of things.

Also missing was any mention of the "compromise" reached by representatives of South Carolinians in 2000, which moved the flag from atop the State House to a monument on the State House grounds. Why is that? Is the will of the people of South Carolina irrelevant?

Finally, a question – hundreds of thousands of South Carolina’s citizens have ties to that flag – and they are diametrically opposed to the NAACP’s position. Maybe you could do a column explaining (logically of course), why those people must defer to the NAACP and its supporters? Maybe you could show where it is written that the wishes of some MUST defer to the wishes of others? I’m just dying to know! No one seems willing to answer that question. How about it?

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)

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