President Barack Obama is "deeply concerned" by Russian military movements inside Ukraine. Moreover, the Federal government’s leader is urging worldwide sanctions due to assumed violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Obama added that the United States would continue to coordinate with European allies and communicate with the Russian government.
What a stark contrast nearly 150 years makes. During the time of the early 1860’s Abraham Lincoln, like Obama, from Illinois, was leading an invasion into a sovereign country and rallying support to defeat their declared freedom. The international community, then, was largely unconcerned about military intervention into the Southern States of America.  Europeans generally sat on the fence, watching the whole travesty, except for German mercenaries which aided Lincoln’s illegal designs. England and France could have helped the South, and almost did, but there was just not enough in it for them. Scant voices urged an end to the violence perpetuated against a an independent region which employed a right to secede, justly sought to administer their own government and were not dependent upon, nor subject to, another power. When Federal forces would not vacate a fortification within South Carolina coastal borders, the most costly war in our history began. The South has never fully recovered from the unprecedented desolation.
In retrospect, it seems that the world has consistently stood ready to cheer and aid almost any nation seeking independence. Yet, few outside the South championed their cause, offered a seat in the international community nor respected Southern borders.
John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA