From: Billy Bearden
Date: Sun, Apr 29, 2012
To: "Southern Heritage, Fight for it Or Lose it!"


Well, to start this off, recall that Ga Gov Roy Barnes removed the 1956 Ga State Flag, and that the Ga Div UDC awarded him their Jefferson Davis Medal, PLUS invited Barnes to be guest speaker at a Confederate Memorial Day service in Marietta a few years ago…

The Confederate cemetery in Richmond Virginia known as Hollywood has thousands of US flags placed on Confederate Graves by a Richmond Chapter of UDC.

The North Carolina Division UDC is being sued over their collusion with the government to remove a Confederate Statue illegally by citizens who desire to see it replaced in it’s original location.

The National UDC has stated they refuse to assist in any efforts to restore 2 Confederate Battleflags on a Confederate Memorial Chapel in Virginia, and went so far as to refuse to allow the Va Flaggers to stand on, or walk across their property. When a group of Flaggers (including children, UDC members, and a uniformed SCV Color Guard) stepped up on the edge of their property to take a photo, UDC officials actually called the police!

So as I was reading 2 stories today about Confederate Memorial Services hosted by the UDC here in Georgia, I see the same mentality mentioned above
It is not the fact that the AoT Battleflag is upside down, but that the flags marking the graves are being removed after the service, which leads to the obvious question, WHY?

That is small compared to this

As with Gov Barnes, they had a very special guest speaker at their service, Former Augusta Mayor Bob Young, again the question is WHY?!?!?!?!?

For those not familiar with Young, read: