Dear SHNV Friends,

The Reidsville UDC is thinking and responding at a level that is morally superior to that of its State leaders whether or not they win this heritage battle. They are to be highly commended for their intelligence in this current situation, AND beyond that they are to be commended for the integrity and strength of their moral fiber and character that has given them the dignity to stand for that which is right when their State NC UDC failed the test of this heritage challenge.



The uncomfortable part of this situation may yet lie in the future for them. They may need to make some tough decisions about the NC UDC State leaders who trusted to lead them in the ongoing political and cultural battles for the honor and dignity of those who have gone before. Their leaders failed to make an accurate assessment of the situation and then betrayed the cause while under fire.

The UDC like most other Southern organizations often gets very PC indoctrinated leaders who good Southern people have put into those trusted positions in good faith only to be betrayed when a most important issue was at hand. The demands made by today’s faithless secular societies on Southern movements largely membered by orthodox Christians are beyond the challenges of our own immediate past generations.

Southern leadership must educate itself in the classical foundational understanding of Christian agrarianism that made our ancestors so great and that motivated them to resist the moral and political evils of their day. While many people believe that "the South was/is right", they are shocked when they begin to learn about just how right the South was.

American court historical revisionists have been spinning their lies for generations in a massive effort to make us believe that the genocide the USA government conducted against our ancestors was a justifiable effort.  Very few people are aware of the wealth of great literature that is available for us on these topics.

Our people read a "about the war and the constitution" today, but they are not reading the literature that our ancestors read that made us a great classical civilization. Our ways are being lost because the moral thinking of our people is being lost. STILL, it is the traditional Southerner today who is the most apt to respond in a positive manner to sound and righteous reasoning when they hear it. God Bless The South!

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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