From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Sun, Mar 11, 2012

[FlagFight] UDC joins the enemy
From: Billy Bearden <>
Subject: UDC joins the enemy
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ok, here it is…the photo op that caused a scene on the Boulevard. We had 27 Flaggers on the Boulevard today, thanks in large part to the SCV William Latane Camp Color Guard. We wanted to get a group photo and thought the steps in front of the UDC would be a good place to get a photo.

We stood on the edge of the step, just next to the sidewalk, as is obvious in this pic. After this pic was taken, we were about to take a few more to make sure we got a good one, when a UDC rep Lucy Steele came out and asked us to leave their property because we were ‘trespassing’ and the UDC will lose their 501c3 tax status. As you might expect, the Flaggers and Latane Color Guard were in shock and disbelief, and several stayed to question her as to how she could possibly make such a request.

As has been mentioned, she kept repeating the 501C-3 claim, as if by letting us stand on the edge of the curb, the IRS was going to take away their tax exempt status.

We left, walked back up in front of the VMFA, and the Richmond Police arrived about 20 minutes later. Video is included below, but he told us that the UDC had called them, claimed we were trespassing, refused to move, and were "confrontational." Seems like the UDC has decided to join the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in harassing the Va Flaggers. I can only imagine that the VMFA officials were smiling ear to ear to see us attacked by "our own". They got to sit back and enjoy the show…

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Video of police conversation