U.S. Grant

From: cscitizen@alltel.net

Chuck, we all know of the un-constitutional, illegal acts committed by the Lincoln administration but, we also need to give equal time to the corrupt administration of “Useless" Grant.

Both of these men are responsible for making the South a living hell on earth during the war & reconstruction & up to this very day. However, we should NEVER let the American population forget that these two U.S. presidents set into motion a bastardized, warped government that the founding fathers would not recognize today. Their actions gave a basis for all our miseries to grow generation after generation up to its present form today.

The present proves that not only did the South lose the war but, so did the ENTIRE United States of America. We all lost & nobody won except the political machine with its special interest. There are no breaks in history, the things that happened then are woven into the fabric of America today & the whole country is suffering from those actions.

Old Useless Grant allowed lobbying & those lobbyist kickbacks to him let them in effect run the government & get what they wanted & to hell with the American public. This creating of loopholes & twisting of constitutional law is his legacy that lives on with us today. The list of these two presidents’ corruption & illegal acts goes on & on & many of you can add to it.

My point is, if we ever want to see a return to the Constitutional Republic of the founding fathers we must change the perversions of the U.S. Constitution back to what they were originally intended to be.

We can only do this one change at a time. If we could get lobbying on all levels of government stopped the average American would have a voice in government again instead of lobbyist buying our votes right out from under us before the candidate we supported even took their oath of office. Now this would be a step towards real freedom & the restoration of our constitutional rights.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama