If ya live in East Texas, consider joining me at Tyler Junior College in June!
From: johnyreb43@yahoo.com
This June I will be teaching 4 adult education classes.  Thought you would be interested in hearing about them. If you or someone you know might be interested I have provided the Course titles, description, day and time when the courses will be conducted. 
The price per course is 55 dollars.  To register for any of these courses please Tyler Junior College 903-510-2900.
Each course will meet six times, 1.5 hours per meeting.  The courses are being offered at the western campus, on the Loop in Tyler.
The first two courses meet on Saturday, one before lunch, one after.  Both courses concentrate on WBTS history.
The Confederate Navy  10 – 1130 am  Saturdays June 7th thru July 5th
This course will look at the size, scope and success of Dixie’s greatest secret, the Confederate Navy.  This course is based on the work I did for my first book, still not published.  But the history is exciting and interesting.  Learn about the South you never knew!
Military Management Systems 1 – 230 am Saturdays June 7th thru July 5th
This course is based on my first published book, Military Lessons of the Civil War.  This course will present the Nine Principles of War, a planning and analytical system used to conduct war.  The methodology for the course will be to use battles/campaigns during the Civil War to illustrate each principle.   These nine principles are taught at all officer leadership courses and applicable to many commercial businesses.  They are especially helpful in designing advertising campaigns.
Mark Vogl