Two new Vogl books, will this guy ever stop?
Hi folks,
I am pleased to tell you there are two new Vogl books available.  But before we talk about those, let me remind you of "Because of Him" a book published last year through WinePress Publishing.  I recently received a shipment of 150.  This book is the story of Mrs. Lynn Ramey of Tyler, Texas and her walk with God.  Imagine you were going to make a huge business investment, hundreds of thousands of dollars; wouldn’t you want God walking you through that process, guiding every decision?  "Because of Him" is such a story.  15.00
My most recently published book is "Southern Fried Ramblings, with Grits and All the Fixins” This book is a serious look at the contemporary South, the Southern movement, the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Civil War, and secession.  About 188 pages it is available on Amazon Kindle for 2.99.  Or, if you prefer a paper copy you can send me a check 25.00, plus three dollars for postage and handling.  Go to the following link and you can see a pretty good preview of the book.
My third book is still in manuscript, not sure what I will do with it.  It’s called "The Rally Point, where should conservatives go now?" I think you might find this book interesting if you are concerned with America today.  The work is about 100 pages and divided into four sections; America Today, Christianity’s role in politics, a look at economics, and hints for candidates.  I can send you a CD disc for 10.00 plus 2 dollars for shipping, or send you a paper copy for 15.00 dollars plus three dollars shipping handling.
From here I am expecting to pivot to a place I have not been before.  I hope to finish a novel "The Adventure – Stolen Days."  This is a time travel story about a family trying to change the course of America’s history!  And when this is done I am going to work on a novel I started almost 20 years ago, THE LOTTERY ticket.
And…there’s always the chance I can finally convince my wife Barbara to help polish her story " A Remarkable Woman"  and then publish it.  This was the most fun of anything I have written and tells a big story…the story of America for more than half a century…and my wife’s place in that…not as a President or Senator, but as a doer… a community leader (not activist), a professional woman, (not feminist), a mom, … a remarkable woman!
Folks, you can help me.  If you want me to write…order books.  And read ’em.  And tell others to do the same.  God has given me this time, and i am using it.  Help a guy live the American Dream…be a salesman for the American Dream! 🙂
God Bless, wish you well,
Mark Vogl