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I want to urge everybody to take a more "take no prisoners" approach with our oppressors. It is time to stop giving them any credence whatsoever, even in laying a polemical trap for them. They are blithering baboons, not advocates. They deserve NO respect, no concessions, no nothing except exposure for the liars and frauds they are.
The essence of it is the sheer joy and fun of TAKING OVER wherever you go, and of taking everything they’re saying, balling it up and throwing it elegantly back in the fools’ faces.
Prof. Kevin MacDonald has written The Culture Of Critique, a piercing study of how the radical gleefully TOOK OVER…. not through any force of logic or right but by simply ridiculing, shaming, insulting and degrading everything normal and healthy. Their brickbats had no basis in reality, but they *became* the reality because of the perpetrators’ passion and dedication to their twisted cause at all costs. They knew that ridicule is the AGENT ORANGE of polemics — it just kills everything it touches!
Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals" was *their* text. We can go them one better by nailing them as described above — not mirroring their hate and selfishness but because LIBERALISM IS INNATELY PREPOSTEROUS.
Something came over me as the series of Lincoln-worshiping lectures came to an end earlier this year at the Greenville County (SC) LIE-brary. We had picketed every session and then gone in to ask uncomfy questions from the audience. Once the pundit from Furman U. nervously wrapped up his last talk, comments from attendees were thankfully rather lukewarm as usual.
Finally Dixie Horky and I just took over. She shot him down over his inference that yankee armies hadn’t been so bad around Greenville in the WBTS; I took a turn and disgustedly REINVENTED the whole series right on the spot. "Professor," I said, I want to thank you for reaffirming all the worst things I’ve been hearing about Lincoln from revisionists. You’ve helped me see him as a tyrant, a ‘white supremacist,’ a mass murderer, and a radical destroyer of the Constitution" — etc. –after which he anxiously closed the session.
The prof had NOT done what I said all that much…. but I SAID he did. I SPUN, REIMAGINED, and REDEFINED his whole series to show its real agenda. Fortunately, the people attending these events are usually wet dishrags with no more notion of disputing you than flying to the moon. And dispute they didn’t — they just let it stand, and THAT WHICH IS NOT DENIED IS PRESUMED TO BE ADMITTED. (Handy legal maxim which applies to crowd psychology too.)
I’ve just seen the link insulting Georgia flaggers in this morning’s SHNV…..

……and posted two comments as the thread progressed:
1.  Thompson’s scribble re the C-flag is a great example of
***bigotry — against "politically incorrect" Southerners;
***prejudice — against "DIVERSITY" of opinion and worldview;
***hate — toward things liberal media mavens are paid to hate; and
***discrimination — of a most undiscriminating sort.
His rant is, to liberate yet another leftist buzzterm, "a painful reminder of slavery" — the kind into which genocidal yankee maniacs forced the South 150 years ago. Never mind that God’s "terrible swift sword" had sold Dixie all its slaves and that other countries were phasing slavery out without any hoo-ha about "trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored".
PC-busting Southerners of all colors meet Webster’s definition of a race. And against them, the Banner-Herald is racist.
2.  You who defend the establishment view, please get real: the slaving industry had been massively Northern-based from the beginning. When did liberals get a free pass for hypocrisy? There were massive slave plantations around yankeeland before the war. Before slinging any more mud, why don’t you pious ones check slavenorth dot com or africanburialground dot gov?
You’ve got no argument. Guess what? The KKK has normally marched below the so-called American flag, not the Confederate one. The CSA lasted four years, the slave-based USA a century or two. Mr. Lincoln’s war killed 650,000 people after which the glorious yankee states passed laws banning entry by the Southern slaves they had so magnanimously freed. Hey, why did the underground railroad end in Canada — ever stop and think about that?
The C-flag stands for the South. Southerners have a right to regional pride. If you don’t like it, maybe you need to learn the real meaning of tolerance and diversity.

In both I’ve striven to turn their guns around on them. *Their buzzwords exist to be thrown up to them!* THEY APPLY TO THEM, not to us.
The defense is pretty weak at the above link. Will others please weigh in regardless of when they read this SHNV? My real point in writing.
Nelson Waller