From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: March 2, 2010
To: "Charleston Voice" –
Subject: Re: South Carolina – the 1st State to Turn Paper Into Gold and Silver.                                            

Dear Confederates (bcc herein),
Thanks to the Charleston Voice for this update (see below).
The Confederacy will rise again because it remains an indelible entity whose purpose, despite Federal Conquest & Reconstruction, continues to represent the principles & virtues of this once proud Republic.
Our people remain as fiercely independent , proud & resolute as did our ancestor’s, and I am equally convinced that they will NOT allow this Federal Government to further usurp our liberties any more under the guise of ‘social-improvement’.
Despite Revisionist History which has served as the consummate prostitute for the Federal Leviathan,  enough has finally become enough!  It is incumbent upon every Citizen as it is incumbent upon each and every State, to go ‘Back to OUR Future’ & re-assemble & revitalize the mantle upon which this nation was conceived & created.
We fought their Wars & paid their taxes while the Federals were transforming us into the docile sheeple they thought we had become.  As such & because of their overwrought & continued demonization & characterization of us and OUR history, they have been altering the structure of this Republic while systematically dumbing us down in order to advance & provide merit for their contentious rantings.  Equally, they parallel their actions with many social reforms that have further corrupted the identity of this Republic’s culture via an emancipation process that suggests we need to be all things to all people…..taking precedence over the welfare of this country & putting it & its people at total risk.  History more than suggests that these actions have been of deliberate design & purpose.  The people of this country, ALL, were once foremost & uppermost before all else.
The Federals have corrupted that principle much as they have corrupted many others in their zeal & quest for autonomous control.
This Government has created by way of its actions, deliberate, wide-spread polarization that allows their orthodoxy & ideology to be advanced  while providing them with a greater capacity to steal our liberties from us….again in the name of social expediency.  In growing their Leviathan they aggregate themselves further from us becoming less and less accountable resulting in the open & intolerable contempt & defiance they are exhibiting toward us today.  They have gotten away with it for so long in their pursuit of ‘Babylon’, that any opposition to them receives the the back of their hand upon our faces as the transliteration of their actions refers to us, the real patriots, as right-winger’s, Nazi’s & rednecks to boot.  Their contempt for us is real and nowhere does it remotely suggest representation.  They are beyond corrupt and their apparent & obvious lack of respect for us & our wishes is clearly evident in their actions.
I applaud the efforts of South Carolina and I sincerely hope that others within their respective States emulate South Carolina and take the bull by the horns to save themselves as well as their constituents, Et Al, from the abusive Federal Demagogue that has placed this nation in Harm’s Way.
Once more I can only respectfully suggest that unless we separate, we cannot survive!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America!
‘When A Government Becomes Absolute…the People Must Become Resolute’
From: Charleston Voice
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Subject: South Carolina – the 1st State to Turn Paper Into Gold and Silver

Here’s a great one for use anywhere – see how far these travel around the US! SC H-4501  is the Bill authorizing gold and silver coins be used as legal tender in SC. – thus nullifying the monopoly of the Federal Reserve. "Save your gold and silver coins boys, the South will rise again!" Has your state drafted a similar Bill yet?

Pass SC H-4501”
I will check today about putting this stamp on the website where you can then order it.